Suggestion: Monosol water-soluble edible packaging

My diet is 95% - 100% Huel and I’ve been travelling quite a bit lately (I just brought 20kg of Huel from UK to Russia with no complaints from the customs officers! :smiley: ).
That’s 2 scoops every 2 hours, 8 times per day.
I spent more time I’m willing to admit filling two bottles of water with Huel, using an impromptu funnel made with a piece of paper :smile:

Bringing with me ready made Huel is unfeasible because of the amount of Huel I carry.
Powder and scoops work very well but it’s hard to measure the amount correctly and sometimes it’s hard to put it in the right container.

I started researching the subject and I found this company that produces water-soluble, edible packaging:

It would be ideal if Huel came packaged in water-soluble, edible cylindrical containers that contain 1 or 2 scoops of Huel. Ideally their circumference should be smaller than the neck of a water bottle.
Wherever you are, you just need to pop one in a bottle of water and you’re done.

I appreciate it may not be worth it from a business perspective (who the hell needs this), but I’d be happy to pay a premium for something like this.

Thanks for the great product!


I love that idea


It’s a nice idea but I think the market for it would be very small. The majority of people can get by with taking pre-weighed Huel out with them in a suitably sized container.

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I would totally buy it.

Its the same concept as the dish washing machine tablets. For some of us that could be awesome, now its easy but not “stylish” or “fashionable” to measure the Huel. You always spill a little of the powder.

But the benefits could be awesome. It means that you could have the Huel in tiny bricks, and way more easy to move around while working or travelling. Each tablet could have 250 kcal. Meaning that carring 2 tablets would be enough for a complete meal.

At home easier and fancier than ever to store. On the logistics, that would be even better, selling the tablets in boxes, more efficient than the current bags.

I think that is the future.


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Kinda like a Huel bar then


but would be made to mix with water. Its just encapsulated Huel, so the formula would be the same. The bars are inferior

The formula won’t be the same. What is that material the encapsulation is made of? Whatever it is, you will have to consume this so this will affect the nutrional profile. If it’s made of something sugary or “artificial” then you’ve achieved nothing better than the existing Huel bar.

I just spent a full ten minutes on their website and couldn’t find anywhere what it is made out of.

I know the nhs in certain regions now provide flavoured water in jelly pods (made from seaweed) to geriatric dementia patients who have difficulty drinking water and are therefore at risk of dehydration.

I think it was the London marathon as well this year that provided water pods instead of bottles. It’s an interesting solution


That could be just fiber, it would be quite thin in order to disolve almost instantly with the water. It wouldnt change the formula

For example a project very similar:


Could you send some links about those pods? Seems very interesting

That’s an assumption. You should confirm what they are made of.

Also each one may need wrapping in plastic or another material until you use it creating more single use waste.

the idea would be without any wrapping just the edible solution outside

its quite difficult but lets dream

Right. Well at least we haven’t ran off half cocked and not looked into it properly.

Looks like Monosol is made of polyvynyl alcohol (PVOH) and not fiber.

I have a feeling there is more to it though:

Otherwise they wouldn’t have a patent in order to make it food grade

This is such a cool idea! The main issue from my point of view would be shelf-life and maintaining food quality/safety.

I have seen this sort of thing for boiled sweets but they are already pretty stable over shelf-life if exposed to oxygen and light, so it’s more to keep dust etc out. The packaging for Huel needs to do more than keep inedible things away.

Lets dream even more, a system like this could be combined with a machine with presurised water to make Huel like a Nespresso using this kind of Huel capsules

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Video of whey protein packaged in Vivos edible film, dissolved in a battery powered blender (that’s a thing?!):


From the scarce documentation I can find, the material should be a good barrier against oxygen and even have quite high wear and tear resistance.

Mono-doses (scoops?) packed in a cardboard box could be an option some consumers would like. Cuts back on the plastic too.

But, how would consumers react to this? If some people are already not a big fan of artifical sweeteners (that have a sturdy scientific back up), how would the average consumer react to this material in their food?

They key for this idea is if you can make that sheet or cover not only edible, also useful nutritionally.