Coupons *still* not working in subscriptions

Went to reactivate my subscription and add in a mention me code and…


I’ve tried several codes and none of them work.

Of course the code works fine when creating a new subscription, so I can get my Huel :slight_smile: It’s just a bit annoying having to create a new one rather than update the existing one.

Hi Tristan- this is probably due to the fact you are re activating your subscription. Most companies only use these for new customers so maybe thats why?

You can try mine if you like to see if it works:

Hopefully you get sorted!

Thanks, but it’s the coupon you get for the referral (not being referred) that I was using.

When someone signs up using your link; they get a discount code for their first order and once they’ve used it you get one too to use on your next order. That’s the one that was failing for me.

If you email the support they can apply it to your next order (incl subscription) not optimal but, an option for you.

I’ve been getting this problem too. Past 2 subs I couldn’t use the code.

Ah ok I understand now, apologies.