Crohn's HUEL and workouts

Hi there I am new to HUEL and so far had really good results with health improvements. I am curious to how HUEL black compares to HUEL 3.0 when it comes to exercise. I understand that the higher protein will help with muscle recovery but would the lower carbs affect weight loss massively or does the amount carbs in HUEL 3.0 not have that big of an impact if they are used through workouts.

Also if anyone who knows anything about Crohn’s and if the new ingredients in HUEL black may cause issues for it?

Any advice would be massively appreciated.

Hi @MTay

Welcome to Huel!

Which Huel to choose is a matter of personal preference, they’re both high protein, but Black is higher. Fat loss is down to calories rather than carbs. Some people prefer more carbs.

If you’re Crohn’s is in remission there should be no issue with Huel regular or Black. If you’re having a relapse and if you have been advised to temporarily regulate the amount of fibre you’re having, then you may have to limit the amount of Huel.

Hi James

Thanks for this I am currently in remission so will be able to use both but I will monitor the fibre intake in order to not cause any problems.

Thanks again for your help