Day 1 (ish)

I’ve finally taken the first step and bought Huel Powder and Hot & Savoury to try and eat healthier whilst working from home. Hopefully if this goes well, it will assist me when I have to return to the office.

The negative reviews about the taste and texture, people must be very fussy. The powder is the same as adding oats to a protein shake and tasted ok. The Mexican chilli hot and savoury :hot_face: it caught me unaware and it was a nice surprise!

The one thing that interests me after I’ve bought my first batch of Huel. Is the apparent benefit it can have to certain people with IBD. I have UC, and heard so many miracle cures and concoctions that will help. I will update here with what I experience as so far it’s not caused any issues.

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Hey Greg, welcome to the team! I’m so pleased you were so pleasantly surprised, I guess a positive outcome from the not so great reviews you read - thanks for giving us a shot anyway!

It is very subjective yes and if you’ve had protein shakes before or similar then Huel will be quite familiar. Many people who have Huel though are swapping something like a sandwich and you can imagine it being a bit of a shock!

I know @JamesCollier is highly experienced in this area, having searched the forum just now there are a few conversations with him in referring to Crohn’s, but not so many with UC. If you have any specific questions then do ask!

Hope you enjoy mate, fyi I’d avoid Madras if you found the Mexican Chilli hot, not that there is anything wrong with heat or perception of the spice.

But Madras in my experience so far is about 4 times hotter (if you let it sit and you accidentally make it with more of the chilli powder then it’s even hotter)

Hi @Gm42 - welcome to Huel!

Huel products are high fibre so this can be advantageous for people with IBDs in remission and reducing the onset of episodes (anecdotally). I’ve also had UC for about 15-16 years myself so I have personal experience.