Day 1 of Huel

I got two pouches of the mint-chocolate Huel powder in my starter kit. The shaker in the kit is terrible. Fortunately I do have a much better one from MyProtein that includes a blending ball that looks like like a spherical spring. I don’t get many lumps at all with the MyProtein shaker and it takes around 45-60 seconds to mix the powder.

The mint-chocolate flavour will take a bit of getting used to. It’s a subtle flavour, behind the oaty flavour.

I’m doing two scoops for two meals per day with a weight loss objective, with one proper meal per day.

The ‘feeling full’ effect is pretty good, I have to say.


I did get lumps the first time I made some Huel, but after that I’ve always used the mesh “ice guard” when shaking. Never had any lumps at all since then, and I’m generally only shaking for about 10 seconds.

It’s my day one as well!

Vanilla has a stronger taste and I think I prefer it over mint choc, but I liked both of them. :slight_smile:


As long as it’s not berry or UU… :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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Berry is waiting for me in the fridge for tomorrow… I’m honestly scared… :laughing:

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I ended up quite liking berry. On its own or with 100g frozen mixed berries blended in. Not sure if I will buy any more just yet though.

Wow, I don’t get any lumps with 15 secs in the Huel shaker. You must be using the wrong thing if you need to shake it 3x as long.

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I like the Huel shaker. No problems here either.

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I only shake for 10 seconds and I don’t get lumps. Obviously I’m more proficient at shaking than you.


Only 10 seconds for me too.

OP, are you using your hands or attempting telekinesis? It won’t work, it’s been discussed: