Day two - Thirst!

I’m on my second day of Huel, I have it for breakfast and lunch and have a nutritious meal at night to hit my macro’s. However, I’m incredibly thirsty and have already drank at least 2L today and know it will be at least another 2L on top. I’m use to drinking at least 2.5L a day but this has upped my intake. I realise that the water intake is good but for the jump to be so dramatic, is making me hit my steps target on trips to the toilet alone!

Is this perfectly normal and how do you combat it? If so, how long does it last?

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If you’re drinking 2.5L of water every day you must either be extremely active, or extremely in the toilet all day. Hope you’re going off thirst and not wacky schedules published to sell bottles of water.

That said; there’s likely more dietary fibre in Huel than you’re used to, fibre depends on water to get through your body, so if you increase fibre intake you’re going to feel more thirsty.

Could just be the change in diet. the toilet trips will settle down, the body often needs more water than people give it. I often drink that much a day :slight_smile: