Huel and Water Comsumption

I was wondering what you would recommend with regards to water consumption in addition to that that is mixed with Huel? I found the first couple of days that I felt quite dehydrated as I think my mind was telling me that I was drinking enough by just consuming Huel. However, I obviously need more in addition to that, so what would you say is a ball park figure for total water consumption per day?


There are no recommended amounts of fluid that we’re advised to drink per day. I simply suggest that people consume water regularly through the day. In addtion to what you use for Huel, have 6-7 cups per day.

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I normally have 3-4 litres of water a day.

I do exercise for around 45 minutes per day mind you, but I find that volume of water keeps me hydrated.

My goal is to have ‘clear pee’ for as many hours a day as possible.


I’d 100% recommend drinking more water than is just in your huel shake. I aim for around 2 litres a day but just add and see how you feel.

I remember hearing that urine colour is a good guide. Ideally it should be a weak lemon yellow colour. If it’s darker than that, you’re dehydrated. If it’s clear, you’ve you drank too much water.

I usually try to have a glass of water on the go alongside my Huel. But I drink more Huel than water, I think. I drink quite a lot of Huel and don’t have it too thick. If I have Huel in the evening, I often have to get up in the night to wee, and it’s nearly clear.

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