Water intake while using Huel


How much water should I be drinking if I am consuming 2 - 3 Huels a day at 3 scoops each?Would the water in the mix be included in the intake?


Just drink as much as you can! I think it’s pretty hard to drink too much water… I wouldn’t include the water in Huel as part of your intake but in reality it is more hydrating than most foods I would imagine


I try to drink a glass of water about half an hour after having Huel. Seems to help with the “wind” and soothes the occasional heartburn I get after Huel.

In regards to whether you include the water in the Huel… I’d say partially, because it’s definitely more hydrating than most usual food. General guideline should stay the same at about 2 to 3 litres a day.


I agree to try to drink as much as you can. Going to the toilet often kind of sucks, but you feel better that way.

The small trick that works for me is to buy a 2l/1.5l bottle of water and keep it around me. If I buy a smaller one, when I finish it I become lazy and don’t refill it. If I don’t buy any and I don’t have any around, it takes me ages to stand up and get some water.


Drinking as much as you can will just mean going to the toilet loads. Similarly; arbitrarily drinking 2L a day will do the same, it’s just way more than a lot of people need.

As humans we have this awesome thing called thirst, it’s pretty reliable and if you drink when you’re thirsty you’ll get the water your body needs.

That said… Huel is high in fibre and that will affect your body’s uptake of the water you get from Huel. Some people report headaches on a high Huel diet for example and that’s nearly always due to dehydration, so it’s a good idea to drink more water when you’re eating Huel. But not loads.


Thirst, how often you pee and the colour of your pee will tell you if you are drinking too much.