Drinking water - 100% huel

Doing 1 month of 100% huel, which I will write post about as recording everything including blood tests before and after and wondering about water intake.

From what Google says men need around 3litres a day right? If I consume huel as 4 meals (3scoops) using huel shaker (700ml?) I am getting 2.8litres of water from huel (maybe less because of the power makes up part of the 700ml in the shaker) so maybe 2.5litres. So really all I need to consume is 0.5litres of water? Is that how this works? I have seen on here a few places about people feeling dehydrated, so just want some advice to get best results.

There is no set amount of water we need. Any claims are made purely on guesswork. And requirements vary due to so many factors. At this time of year, with moderate exercise, then 3 litres should be ok, but if you feel you need more, drink more.

Interesting to know! Was not aware of that. 3 litres sounds like a good amount. Thanks

i must admit i have become very dehydrated since using huel i have a lt of water with huel and drink 1.5lt of water but still feel dehydrated

I’ve also found that I need to drink more water when I’m using Huel. I don’t see it as a bad thing, but I do need to keep an eye on it.

I drink water, peppermint tea, ordinary tea (without milk as I don’t like milk in hot drinks). I am getting better at staying properly hydrated but I definitely had to adjust.

I find I’m more hydrated that previously, because of the amount of water in the Huel I’m having. It’s added 900ml to 2L of water to my intake.