Denmark referral code

Oh hey Official Huel accounts, quick, look over there! Something amazing is happening over there!

Ok if you’re still here, you’re not official Huel staff, phew. Anyone in Denmark want to drop me a referral code? I’m technically a new customer here :grin:

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I think any referral code should become a DK referral code. So you could use your UK code. In theory.

If I recall correctly UK codes don’t work in Europe and vice verse. I can try though. My UK account has been deleted anyway so will use yours if you want to DM me. Think you’ve earned a fiver with all your brilliant answers on here!

Uk codes do not work in other countries. I tried to refer a friend who works in the Netherlands… didn’t work

Oh… I really thought they did…

Part of me wants to ask you what you doing over there. It is about to get cold in Denmark…

Part, or all, of you can ask whatever you like! I live here now. Call it Brexit-mania if you will but I have abandoned the country I was born in and set sail for pastures new. Længe leve Danmark!


Ok I’m really not trying to encourage any bad behaviours here but will just update anyone who may be curious. I thought this would work since I was creating a new account on the website. However, the website recognised my email address as an existing customer. Therefore it didn’t work, just FYI!

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Oh wow. Best of luck with your adventures. How’s your Danish?

Currently non-existent! Everyone speaks perfect English here of course but I’ll be taking Danish lessons anyway

This has all been noted. You are being watched.