Depression / Huel + Milk + Coffee = Amazing

I’ve been drinking Huel almost exclusively for a week and I love it. Still experimenting with it in terms of consistency and flavours. Shakers seem to be a waste of time, blender works best. I even tried a vortex blender but the mixture was just too thick to mix (450ml, 2 scoops), just to warn anyone off trying the same.
My breakfast is now amazing! I make it the night before. A fresh cup of coffee out of the grinder mixed with semi skimmed milk and 2/3 scoops of huel. Leave in the fridge over night. I could drink that every day for a very long time.

On a more helpful note to anyone who suffers from depression like me, this is possibly one of the best things I’ve ever done. Two weeks ago I decided I was going to stop waiting for the magic moment when you snap out of it and return to normal, so I made some changes.

  1. Bin the cigarettes
  2. Exercise every day
  3. Eat healthy

Sounds easy when you say it like that but it isn’t… is the excuse you were probably expecting me to give.

That would be a bare faced lie. It has been so easy it’s actually laughable, and I put a lot of this down to Huel. I have never had more energy. I get up at 6am easily with a spring in my step and go for a run/bike/weights. Three weeks ago I couldn’t get up… literally… couldn’t bring myself to get out of bed. I couldn’t concentrate at work and when I got home all I could really do is lounge about. First week of exercise without huel was hard. Second week with Huel was a doddle. Even had two work out sessions on a few days.

I have never tried any thing like Huel before. I thought I would get major hunger pangs and I definitely don’t. Lots of people with comments on the flavour here… I think it is perfect as it is for adding things to, but passable on its own. Great with blended blueberries or bananas, honey etc.

I am mildly concerned that I seem to be perfectly fine on 3 drinks a day:
Breakfast: 2 scoops
Lunch: 2 scoops
Dinner: 3 scoops

I am perfectly happy and full on this, but the calculators say that I’m well under my daily intake.

Anyway, anyone wondering if this might go some way to allowing yourself to pick up the energy to boost yourself out of a nasty period of depression, DO IT! Not a cure of course, but if I had to choose either the medication or the drink at this stage Huel has done way more for me thus far.


I’m glad that you have been able to use it this way, it is a brave post

I’ve always found that once you get a little bit of movement, you get momentum and then you are truly unstoppable

onwards and upwards my friend

@Tim Thanks for sharing your experiences. It’s amazing that it has made you feel so much better.

It’s really interesting how everyone’s experiences are a bit difference though. 2/3 scoops just 3 times per day would definitely not be enough for me. I need more than double that. I must have a fast metabolism, that’s all I can say.

@Gary_Dufley - Thanks!

@Marcus - Yeah I find it a little strange that I don’t need very much for my height (6ft) and weight (roughly 80kg). Especially as I am burning calories through exercise too. I do want to lose some weight, which I would imagine would happen with my current intake, but isn’t it supposed to be harder :wink: haha

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Likewise I’ve been looking for a kickstart to help my mental health as much as my physical. Joined the gym and ordered Huel. Thanks for sharing the above. Hopefully see as much of a spring in my step as you have.

PS any theories on the caffeine / coffee offsetting the nutrients in Huel?

I usually add a little dose of coffee (1,8 g, with caffeine) in my Huel shake. Is it a good or a bad idea? Will the iron, calcium and others nutriments/vitamins work as they should?
A link like this one ( is very alarming… :scream: