Is HUEL for me?

So I need to know if HUEL is for me. I’m not into nutrition or fitness, and healthy eating whilst important isn’t a major priority in my life.
Basically, I have Asperger’s and with that I have anxieties and depression. With certain other “issues” included in my life, I often have trouble dealing with meal times. I often go two or three days with only a bowl of cereals to tide me over. I probably only have two or three proper “three square meals a day” each week. Unfortunately, this cycle is self destructing as I often don’t have enough energy to deal with things like serious food preparation, so I just have repeat the cycle of having a bowl of cereals.
I don’t want to replace regular meals with HUEL, I just want to be able to have an easy access to something when I’m at my lowest, because even at my lowest I still drink fluids (usually squash or milk), and HUEL sounds like it would be an easy thing for me to do even when I’m depressed.

And when I’m out of the rut, moving forward, I’ve considered HUEL as a daily option for me but in tandem with regular meals. I need to gain a little weight, but I also need to get back into my cycling again which fell by the wayside! So I need to find an easy way to feed mind and body, to elevate the spirit!

So, do you think HUEL might be for me? I’m happy to answer any questions!

I don’t think anything more than a giant “yes” is necessary here. The sooner you sort that cycle out the better, that’s pretty damn bad for you!


I agree with Phil above…

I agree with hunzas who agrees with Phil

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I’m so drunk I’ll agree with anyone on anything.


Agree with squiggle who agrees with anyone which includes coup agreeing with hunzas agreeing with Phil :stuck_out_tongue:

But in all seriousness, I don’t see why Huel won’t be for you? If you’re able to drink squash or milk, it’s essentially that identical action except it has all the nutrients your body requires, which would probably give you the basal energy you require to fight your demons. :slight_smile: Hope you’ll have a good experience and keep us updated! :slight_smile:

Question—why exactly does it give you trouble with mealtimes?

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I agree with @jeffy89 that Squizzle should now be referred to as squiggle


I agree with @coup and @jeffy89 that @Squizzle should be forever known as @squiggle.


Energy, motivation, inspiration, desires, and (when I’ve eaten through my stores) shopping! I have issues with finding the energy to brush myself up, make myself presentable and head to the shops! And even when I get there I could stand in the middle of the supermarket and have no motivation or inspiration as to what I want to eat, apart from refilling the freezer and the pantry with long life stuff.

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Ugh. Been there, sometimes find myself there still, esp the getting presentable part. A couple of weeks ago I shaved all my hair off so I wouldn’t have to deal with that as well every day! Sounds to me like Huel should be perfect for you. It’s great to know that you can get a fully balanced and filling meal so easily, minimal effort, minimal washing up, and zero waste. Let us know how you get on. Have you placed an order yet?

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Huel is an easy, fast and moderately priced way to give your body the food it needs. Sounds perfect for you.

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Yup, I ordered “28 meals” worth on Saturday. I don’t know what that means but I guess I’ll find out tomorrow when it arrives.

I almost cropped all my hair back the other day! Which would have been really bad since my hair is very much a part of my identity and would have triggered a whole bunch of new anxieties and depression.

28 meals I would guess must be 2 bags. It you’re doing 100g of Huel per “meal” though, you should get 34 meals, as each bag has 1.7kg of Huel. What flavour(s) did you order?

I ordered the vanilla and berry, from the Gluten Free range. I also took advantage of the flavour shots that were half price.

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I totally understand this. Feel like this every day. Just started Huel to give me balance.

So my HUEL arrived today. I confess I’ve been awake since 2am. My depression either blesses me with 14-18 hours sleep or insomnia. Aren’t I lucky? Anyway, I knew I had to be awake for delivery, so I made myself busy by doing a little washing up to make room in the sink to wash up the shaker and scoops. I may not eat a lot but like I said, I consume a lot of milk and water when I’m awake and those glasses pile up!

Anyway, about 1pm I gets the knock on the door from delivery chap. It’s here, and I’m weirdly excited!


Anyway, as you can see two bags of HUEL, one vanilla and one berry, both gluten free. I thought I’d try the berry one to start off with. Measured out three level scoops of HUEL into 400ml of water like it said, shook vigorously and topped it up to about 650ml in the shaker. And well, I’m not entirely sold just yet. Kinda tasted like watery ready brek for my liking and I had to add a couple spoons of sugar to it. The taste kinda grew on me, it’s not something I’m going to give up on. I mean after drinking it I felt like I’d eaten a proper lunch, and I’m still awake now despite feeling tired all day. Tomorrow I’ll try the vanilla one. And moving forward I might add a tablespoon or two of powdered milk, something that I’ve felt imparts a little sweetness (like condensed milk) to most things I add it too.
Definitely not something I plan on giving up on just yet! I mean, I even went out and bought myself something to sling in the nukebox for dinner! That has to be a win, right?

Anyway, thank you for your help.


Keep us posted!

Will be interested to see if there’s any improvement in sleep quality since starting Huel. Perhaps added vitamins and minerals will be of benefit.

Sweetness can be worked on as can consistency. MyProtein flavdrops are popular around here. Whole milk gives a much creamier consistency.

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Yeah, flavdrops are great. You can also try making your own creations, eg try adding some cocoa or hot chocolate powder into either vanilla or berry. I personally like 1tbs cocoa and 1tbs peanut butter to give a snickers effect, or cocoa and mint essence (just the tiniest drop) does a good mint chic chip icecream imitation, lemon essence, cocoa and orange essence… Just play around and see what you like. Coffee and banana. Toffee and banana. But apparently not pork pie and Branston pickle.

I manage consistency by varying the volume of water. Like you i started by following the guidance but quite soon reduced to 3 scoops and 400ml then drink.

To make sure I’m getting enough fluids i then tip a cup of coffee/tea into the shaker afterwards . This gets the last of the huel out as well.