Huel is great for bipolar

I’ve just got through my first bag of Huel. I’m bipolar and range from being unable to move to make food to being too manic and just wanting short quick fixes… usually sugary!

6 months ago I started swimming every morning and I lost 6% body fat and improved my speed and got muscles, it’s the first thing I’ve ever actually stuck to and it helps mental health too.

I reached a plateau with weight (10kg to go) and although I’m on mood stabilising medication, I still struggle a bit. I find it very hard to control food types and be organised. So my brother turned up at my house with a bag of Huel and told me about it. I thought I would give it a go. I have to get the right nutrition otherwise I struggle with the bipolar.

No snacking, no energy spikes yet. No stress about food. I had 100% huel yesterday. It was great. I do need to make sure I still eat some food though but this is just too easy!

Does anyone else find it helps when you’ve got mental health illness?


I don’t have mental health issues, but I do find it stabilises the normal ups and downs.

I feels less stressed and mood swings have disappeared to all intents and purposes. I feels calmer and feel I have more clarity.

Good nutrition I guess!


Awesome! Yeah it makes a massive difference. I’m hoping on my next low it will help and maybe get me up faster.


I “suffer” from High-Functioning Autism and while i have only been on Huel for 2 days (Jumped straight to 100% huel, though) i have to say that these last two days have been the most calm and least depressive of the last 6 months.

I have not felt hunger pangs either and I have slept properly for once.

Probably can be partly attributed to my change in attitude, especially considering i assume two days are not enough to produce any drastic changes in your body, but i am happy and my tummy is reacting well to Huel, so there´s that.

Good luck to the both of us!


Great to hear, long may it continue :smile:

Hi, here a fellow High functioning Autism person. Using Huel helped me a lot in the past few months. Sometimes I am so tired and just not able to think or organise cooking. I used to just order a pizza or something like that. Never very healthy and a lot of calories. Huel helps me in those moments to eat something more healthy than the pizza. (still love pizza though :wink: ) I am now on a 100% Huel track, for weightloss but also to have one job (cooking etc) out of the way so I can concentrate on other stuff. I need that for now. Probably will go back to 50 % Huel later.

There are stories on here of fellow Huelers* with eating disorders who have found Huel helped them a lot

* Sorry Huel execs, I’m just not gonna help make “Hueligans” happen :joy:

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