Im Mentally ill

Hello…ive got schizophrenia and depression with an extremely poor diet…my body was screaming for the goodness of huel when it came in the post today…i ordered the chocolate mint and downing my first glass was euphoric as my body was not used to so much…

Im gonna drink huel two or three times a day with bits of fruit inbetween such as avos bananas mangos etc…as much fruit as i want really:)…

I can finally stop worrying about what i shall eat…and focus on other things as there is more to life than food:)…

Nice forum too…

All the best



Huel can only be good for you. I hope it helps you, as it has helped me. :+1:


Hi Damien. Huel has made me feel tons better. Hope it does the same for you :grinning:


Hi Damien, good luck on the Huel journey, lots of us had poor diets before Huel and so thankful for Huel making us feel better.Hopefully with all the goodness in Huel you will also feel an improvement soon. I keep saying this but it’s true, try mixing some up and leave in the fridge over night, it’s so much nicer. :smiley: