Huel (or general nutrition) and mental health

Wondering if people with mental illness (anxiety, depression or anything else) have noticed improvement incorporating Huel or nutritious food in general into their diets. There seem to be some evidence suggesting that there may be a connection so this topic interests me, not the least since I am a long-time sufferer from depression and anxiety myself. I do seem to notice improvements when eating well in mood (or worsening if eating bad). I’d love to hear from others on this!


Heres some info

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I think it only makes sense that nutrition would impact mental health. Your body runs on it after all, and certain vitamin deficiences can cause (or worsen) depression. Unfortunately I’ve found that this can also be fuel for people who always have the worst things to say: “if you would just eat well you would…” To go along with “just go do something fun!” etc.

When I first went to see my doctor about depression (after already dealing with it half my life on my own), she wasted 3 months getting my B12 levels up first. Well they’re up now aaand… I feel the same. In my experience bad nutrition can make you feel worse for sure, but that doesn’t make good nutrition a cure.

That being said, my main motivation for using Huel is my mental health. Because things are rough enough without bad nutrition adding an extra layer to it.


I’ve read that other complete foods have been introduced as prison food with incredible results - reducing aggression, suicide etc.
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