The psychology of eating and huel

I’ve been thinking recently about the psychological effects of huel, and the psychology of eating in general.
Not thinking here about full blown eating disorders, more about generally disordered eating, habits, cravings, changes in routine. I’ve always found the psychology of food interesting.

Personally, I believe that my teenage years messed with my appetite- I skipped meals often and used to take lots of diet pills. I now (in mid 20s) don’t always feel hunger like I should- if I get hungry, it’s very sudden, I get weak and faint. Huel has been immensely helpful with this, as I expected it to be. I also have a sugar addiction that I feel is just as much psychological as it is physical, due to being a secret eater as a child- people would call me bad/fat if I ate unhealthy food in public so I would hide whatever sugary things I could get hold of and eat them at night. Sugar levels are why people get ‘hangry’, and I definitely get emotional when my blood sugar is a bit low. “EVERYTHING IS WRONG… oh wait did I eat lunch?”

So good on both those fronts, but I find myself now wanting my regular meals to be as nutritious as huel. Most of the time I don’t have the right food in my kitchen for that, so I feel almost guilty for eating a less-than-perfect meal. It’s strange because logically I know that it’s the overall diet that matters, not the individual meals. If I were in a bad place emotionally, I could imagine becoming psychologically dependent on huel.

So I thought we could perhaps have a thread for general psychological oddities, experiences, changes associated with huel- positive or negative. Or even mental stuff associated with nutrition in general. I’ll edit in links to a couple of interesting threads.

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Good idea for a thread.