Huel as an evening meal

Does anyone use huel for their main evening meal and if so what you mix/have with it?
On top of the nutritional benefit vs an alternative solid meal, it would be a great time saver, but having a liquid evening meal after a long day at work isn’t appealing (to me at least). I wonder if anyone in the forum has overcome this barrier and used huel for dinner on a regular basis.
One idea I can think of would be to have cereal as desert to ‘reward’ yourself with solid food.
Any tips greatly appreciated! Cheers

Once or twice a week I have a 100% day to save time bothering to make dinner. My only problem with it is once it has all fully digested a few hours later, that’s extra water in my body and I usually need to get up in the night for the toilet.

Hi there

I think your idea of combining Huel with cereal is a good one. The first morning when I tried Huel (2 scoops) I was still hungry and so I had a bowl of granola afterwards. I’ve been gradually increasing the dose of Huel - this morning I had 4 scoops and I’m also eating an apple to see if having a small item of actual food will help me to feel fuller. I’m aiming to have only Huel for my main meals today - if I get hungry in between Huels I’m going to try having some fruit or nuts.

Before I started Huel I was having lots of smaller meals throughout the day, which meant that in the evening I was able to have a small meal and not feel hungry. Perhaps you could try increasing your Huel or food intake during the day so that in the evening a Huel would be enough.

I agree with Marcus about needing the loo in the night - that happened to me last night although I did end up having my Huel a bit late. I think if I have my evening Huel around 6pm it should be okay.


I have it as an evening meal, but I normally work till 10ish, so I eat while working. By the time I’m done I just want sleep.

Maybe it is not just the water but also the high amount of protein in Huel that makes you going to the loo at night…

I have for dinner almost every day. No tips or tricks however - I just have a standard Huel. I do, however, have a full solid meal for lunch every day instead. That is when I’m hungriest and find myself to be craving something solid.