Eating in the evenings

Hello everyone,

I’m trying to use Huel to control my calorie intake and lose weight. I have quite a bit to lose (around 50kg) D: According to the calorie calculator I should be on about 1,400 cals.

I’m a massive eater. I can pack away entire pizzas quite happily, but actually finding huel quite satisfying during the day. I’m replacing breakfast at about 9am with 2 scoops and water, and lunch at about 12.30pm with 2.5 (I found 3 to be almost too much), sometimes I’ll have some fruit during the day, and my plan is to have a healthy dinner in the evening.

Problem is, I get home I’m a snacker, I’ll be up and down all evening getting snacks or nibbling leftovers, regardless of if I’m full or not. My brain just switches off.

Has anyone else overcome this problem?

I think I’d miss food too much if I replaced my evening meal with Huel as well.

I have the same problem. I’ve had to bring my evening meal forward so I start cooking as soon as I get in from work to stop me guzzling down my weight in chocolate!

It took a lot of self control (and a looong time) but now I measure snacks out. So, after tea in front of the TV il measure the portion size of chocolate/crisps/whatever I have the calories for out. That way you can see what you can have.

Initially when I had a craving for more I had to preoccupy myself with something else which turned out to be getting out of the house! After a bit, I lost the mental preconception to snack in the evening! I still do have things but as I say measured portions!

It becomes so dull and you become one of ‘those people’ though…


I overcame this by not buying crap and keeping it in the cupboards. My ultimate treat snack now is a chicken burger, which is barely 400 calories all in.

I entirely overcame my inability to stop eating when my hatred of my appearance in the mirror was greater than the momentary satisfaction of eating a snack.


Honestly, the way I overcame it in the past was to go 3 a day on the Huel. It meant that there was nothing in the house to snack on, apart from maybe a banana or something, because I no longer went food shopping. I can see why not everybody would want to do that, and I missed food terribly, but it was very effective for weight loss.


It might be with 100% Huel for a few days as Dan suggested, to try and break the cycle?

Like Jaydog I deal with mine via distraction :slight_smile:


This was my problem with beer (or alcohol in general), so I can relate to this.

This is all there is to it, and it’s A LOT !!
The brain ‘switches off’ or simply doesn’t give a crap, knowing that you shouldn’t.
Basically trying to retrain your brain, so to say, is the hardest thing there is.

Easy way out or not, this really helped me in changing my (troubling) habit as well.
Now I do buy beer again, but I can easily say no to it now :smiley:

For a few days or longer, Huel can really help out with changing habits.
Could always give it a shot and see how it works out for you.


Ooh I’m the worst snacker too; one of my biggest problems is stopping eating for that day! (after my last meal) it’s almost like my mind panics that I will never be able to eat again lol
I even have a little trouble when doing 100% Huel, more so if I include granola or bars :see_no_evil:
It’s definitely habitual and requires retraining the brain over time. What I’ve been trying for the last week that’s helped is: after eating what I planned to for a meal, I’ll tell myself that I can eat some more if I want to, after I drink a bottle of tea. Breaks the flow of mindless snacking and fills me up even more, gives my brain time to register that it’s not gonna starve! All the best :slight_smile:


Thanks for the advice everyone!

A bit sad there’s no magic wand to make me not want to stuff my face with food! :smiley:

I might have a go with 100% huel days. :pray:

I’ll report back if I find a solution!

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Yeah I’m with @GTIPuG here. If I don’t buy it I don’t eat it. With alcohol, if I have a frosty cold one in the fridge I’m probably going to drink it! So by having them warm in a cupboard I’m not doing to go to the effort of chilling it! During the day I find coffee great with stifling my appetite so I don’t eat constantly.

Totally feel you here! If only. You’ve got to find it in yourself, but we know you can. :facepunch:

edit: frosty cold one = beer/alcohol


I’ve found my need / desire to snack has reduced massively since I’ve started consuming Huel - it seems to have regulated my appetite which was all messed up after being on various medications.
I haven’t lost any weight at all, but have stopped gaining weight. Without any effort whatsoever, whereas previously I felt like I was starving myself to death if I hadn’t over eaten by at least 1000 calories a day


Ditto here. I rarely snack at all since starting with Huel and am finding it very easy to maintain my current weight. Before Huel I always seemed to be hungry even though I ate plenty.

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I’ll make sure to cook my dinner as soon as I get back from work followed by a long walk if I have the energy. It’s best for me to stay out of the house after my last meal as I don’t trust myself. It does help massively if you don’t buy any crap and keep it in the house though.

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What I always do to avoid snacking in the evening is going to the gym. Sitting at home and watching television makes me wanna snack. Does not matter if I use Huel or not. It’s just a trigger for me.


Eating no sugar for a while really helps me with sweet cravings.
I bake my own cookies and delicious savory crackers using Huel, egg or aqua faba (bean soaking glop), a bit of oil and/or flour or bakign powder sometimes, and herbs and spices and/or flavoring and/ or strong cheese or sausage or whatever. I enjoy those as snacks or as breakfast on the go etc.

This wouldn’t work for me, I’d drink it anyway. Get drunk faster resulting in more drinking. :sweat_smile:
yes, I’m a terrible guy :joy:

I can relate. Not about hitting the gym, though. :shushing_face:
To sit down and watch tv is a trigger for bad habits :expressionless:


I can make a small confession here right?

I used to love watching programs like The Biggest Loser with a huge bag of chips on my lap.


Sure, confess all you like here :stuck_out_tongue:
We won’t tell anyone (huel UK forum has 8.546 users anyway) :joy:


Ok, so far, slight progress made!
I’m doing huel only days, interspersed with days where our evening meal comes from Gousto.
That way the meals I cook are nutritious (because I order the recipes when I’m not ravenously hungry), and theres just enough for 2. So my portions are under control.

I feel quite good about this! (Though I’m yet to stand on the scales :slight_smile: )

Make a huge bowl of sugar free jelly regularly and always have it in the fridge. When you get home it will be there and you can shovel as much down as you want and it’s not going to have too much of an impact calorie wise. You can add fruit to it as well to bulk it out a little. It’s been a life saver for me as I love raiding the fridge after work. I make a batch along with my Huel many evenings over week so it’s ready when I get home from work. I am a veggie so I make my own with sugar free cordial and a gelatine substitute but the ready mix sachets are the easiest.

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Forgot to say, this is in addition to a lovely healthy dinner :blush:

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