Diet comparisons and equivalence

I know there are a lot of diets around: keto, paleo, low fat, Mediterranean, etc…
Where would you place Huel (let’s consider v3.0 and Black only for now, but feel free to add H&S as well) in this spectrum? Considering both macro-micro nutrients split and ingredients?
For example, I’d say v3.0 is mostly like the Mediterranean inspired in macro split: good healthy fats, a lot of fibres, quality carbs, and also a good amount of proteins.
I would like to see a detailed comparison from the Huel team, for all the other diets and products, with ingredients breakdown as well.

It’s an interesting question Luca.

I’m not a huge fan of diet labels because there can be such huge variety within each of these diets. For example, v3.0 could fit into Mediterranean, intermittent fasting and plant-based.

What do you think could be the benefit of labelling Huel products by diet beyond helping people work out if a product could work within the current diet they’re following?

I don’t think intermittent fasting and plant-based are a diet themselves, it’s more a lifestyle: intermittent fasting doesn’t guide you through what to eat, simply when, plant-based can be considered a variation on other diets: e.g.: Mediterranean plant-based, so taking what’s not plant-based.

That was my point actually :slight_smile: And also curiosity, see which diets could Huel fit in, and which not.
It would be nice to be able to say:

no matter what’s your diet: Paleo, Mediterranean, etc… Huel (or its variation) will fit in.

That’s a fair comment.

I guess my issue with things like Paleo and Mediterranean is the labels around these diets are often vague and also I’m not sure if it helps people eat any healthier. If you’re following a specific diet or aim to (I know you’re probably not Luca) then we can give some comment on which Huel products could work and why, otherwise it will be one hefty page on site!

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I actually am! Right now I am on a Mediterranean diet and was considering switching (trying) a paleo one. But that was not for me or my dietary needs that I made that question. It was just curiosity and willingness to share information with others as well.

Well you’ve proven me wrong!

In regards to those two diets I would agree you could potentially include Huel Powder v3.0 into a Mediterranean diet, although others might argue it’s classed as heavily processed and includes refined oils therefore isn’t suitable.

Paleo has a few variations but there is a general avoidance of grains, which rules out Huel products before you get onto the other requirements.

If anyone finds that helpful, please let me know and we can look into providing more information.