Huel vs. Meal Prep/Quick Meal

To start off, I just want to say that so far I’ve been using Huel for 2 weeks to replace one meal and have been loving the product - I love the taste (vanilla), nutritional profile, and sustainability. However, I have as of late been missing the meals that I’ve been replacing with Huel, such as a bowl of oats or baked beans (I am easily pleased in regards to taste and flavor).

I consider myself a rather healthy eater, and keep track of my food using the diet tracking app myfitnesspal.

Thus, I am struggling to find reason to continue using Huel, as I could match its macronutrient profile with ease and with little effort (via meal prep or something simple such as oatmeal/nuts/yoghurt), and with similar/lower cost.

Thus, are there any reasons other than nutritional value, low cost, and time efficiency for one to continue incorporating Huel into one’s daily routine?

TL:DR trying to justify using Huel to myself


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Just my thought: you can probably match the macronutrients easily enough with normal food, but what about the micronutrients? You would probably be having to take several expensive supplements along with your oats or baked beans to get the right levels of all the different micronutrients that are already built into Huel.

How about the times when you can’t make a quick bite. When you’re out and about and don’t want to by processed food.

A bowl of Oats is great but I’m nut sure if I’d glass baked beans in the same health category as Huel. That’s why I’m trying it out myself, not to replace healthy meals but to replace the not so healthy meals I tend to go for

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