Do all the flavours come from a big batch of U&U?

Are all the flavoured versions of the powder originally just U&U with the flavouring added later on in the manufacturing process, or are all the different powders manufactured separately from start to finish?

I ask because I recently saw Tim say “a very small percentage of Hueligans buy U&U”. This made me concerned that U&U could be pulled at some point - that’s all I’ve ever bought.

But if all Huel powder starts off as U&U in the manufacturing process there would be little gain in pulling it despite low sales.

P.S. Why so few sales? It’s unadulterated quality food!


Mmm interesting question, specially when UU is what I use most @Tim_Huel

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I guess some new customers don’t factor in the extra flexibility you have of using it - either adding your own flavours or as a flour substitute.

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For me it’s like nectar with just water. But maybe I’ll get bored of it eventually.

UU Team Phil!!

How bizarre. I was only thinking this exact same thing the other day.

Great question! And to be fair I didn’t know the answer. I’ve been in touch with Emma who leads all our Powder blends in the New Product Development team.

All Powders are produced separately start to finish. We don’t make a huge batch of Unflavoured and then add flavours because we have to account for the small amount of macronutrients that flavours etc are providing. Chocolate is the best example if this as cocoa provides a few macronutrients.

I guess because although many just have huel for nutrition, many need the base product to have flavour.


Hi there,

Is there any signs of possible U&U ending , since when usually started talking in low sales, products are discontinued ( i.e.: Granola)?

And, regarding the possibility of using Stevia ( instead of Sucralose ) across the range ( besides Huel Black) is this on consideration? ( mainly because I use U&U due to no artificial sweeteners).


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I would not be happy if U/U were discontinued.


We might be jumping the gun with that worry, though some reassurance would be nice. Now you’ve gone and got me thinking about it – I think I’d drop Huel before going back to 100% sweet, at this point. I don’t think, psychologically, I can have 100% sweet Huel without my non-Huel cravings being too unhealthy.

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Considering they’ve now released UU black, I doubt that white will be dropped.


What? When did they release it? :drooling_face: