Will there be a black unsweetened & unflavoured?

Just wondered if huel would be working on a black edition of unsweetened & unflavoured. I really like the black but I like to mix half and half vanilla and U/U.


You’re not the first to ask Janine! We are looking into it but it’s tricky to get an acceptable flavour without any flavour… if that makes sense.

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It does - but I think a lot of people would find UU Black useful and like with the normal powder, would probably add flavours to it to improve the palatability - even splitting it with the Black Vanilla to take some of the edge off of the sweetness.

That’s a fair point but we don’t want to scare off new customers with a product that is only palatable with additions (even if that is our recommendation). It’s a balancing act.

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You nearly scared me off with my first ever order which contained berry and new vanilla !
The UU saved me.
We are all different.
Some of us like the plain flavour.


Isn’t there a porridge flavour available? Then you could drop the unflavoured and make it unsweetened only.

This is true Christina but I hope you don’t mind me saying you’re quite an exception. U/U or cacao or nothing! As said above we still need to produce a U/U Black Edition product that is acceptable as a base, like v3.0.

I’m not sure what you mean? Huel contains oats so ha a porridgey flavour but there’s no specific “porridge flavour”.

I mean if the flavour is available on the market. So it could be added in the receipe for the tasteless black edtion and thus imitate the taste of standard huel.