Black edition unflavoured and unsweetened?

Why doesn’t the Black Edition come in an unflavoured and unsweetened version?


Testing the waters with a new product to see how it goes before rolling out more flavours I guess

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I would buy it. They need to expand the black edition to unflavoured as well.

Maybe the taste is a problem. The oats are gone, so what remains are the linseed- and pea-undertones. Does tapioka even have a taste?

No - both tapioca and tapioca starch are taste neutral

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We’re certainly looking at expanding the flavour range of Black Edition. It’s worth noting that a very small % of Hueligans buy Unflavoured. Vanilla and Chocolate are our bestsellers so it made sense to launch with them, launching with Unflavoured right at the beginning would have been rogue! More flavours are certainly on the cards, not sure how high up the list Unflavoured is for now though. However, I’ll pass on the feedback!



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Thank you so much for the answer. I will keep an eye out. Thanks

Even i am looking for Unflavoured black edition, I dont buy the flavoured ones and may be one of the rare hueligan who love unflavoured in its natural form without any adulteration :wink: … I am vegan and lack sufficient proteins in my diet, so got super excited to hear about the black ed but equally disappointed to not see the unflavoured one . Can we know if this is going to make it and hopefully with no sweeteners ?


I have become anosmic over the past years, and thus I can taste but I can barely sense flavours. I find sweetness by itself to be unpleasant. Unflavoured, unsweetened Huel is just right for me. If you do an unflavoured Black Edn I would be interested.

But please, don’t stop making the unflavoured regular edition!

Black UU in a stainless steel shaker = Best. Day. Ever.

If we made an Unflavoured Black Edition, and I don’t know that we are, then it would also be Unsweetened. The full name is Unflavoured & Unsweetened. Sorry for abbreviating it!

Thanks for replying, Yeah i guess my question regarding sweetener was stupid considering the name. Its just that i saw from some other post where a staff member stated that not adding the natural sweetener would make this disgusting ( that might be more to do with the flavoured ones as i am pretty sure people who are not used to UU would find it disgusting anyways ) ?

Yes I’d love an unsweetened version you! Bring it on :smile: