Unflavoured and sweetened Huel is now live to buy on the site!

Due to customer demand we have created an unflavoured and unsweetened version of Huel

This new produce is now live to buy on the site!! smile


That’s great!

When are the flavour packs coming out?

Hopefully before end of next week.

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Just checking, the flavour packs will be added to normal Huel, rather than flavoured versions of the powder, correct? Also, assuming the above is correct, are the flavours being designed for use with the original Huel or the unflavoured one? Thanks

Hi Julian, you mean unsweetened don’t you?

Yes, he does mean unsweetened

So I tried this today and I find the taste great. It could be just that I’m used to the lack of sweetness in everything I eat or drink, but I don’t see how this bland nutty flavour needed heavy masking with sucralose and vanilla in the first place. Thanks for making this unsweetened option available for those trying to avoid sweeteners in their food, I’m certain it will be a popular one!


@zoltan that is great news. Thank you for letting us know, I’m very pleased to hear you like it. Clearly it’s not for everyone - Quick review; unflavored huel - but becuase we all have different sense of taste it was a wise move to offer an alternative.