Do different thicknesses leave you feeling more/less hungry?

I have found that making Huel thicker tends to leave me feeling fuller for longer after drinking.

The recommended 500ml water to 100g Huel leaves it far too thin for me and I feel more like I’m having a large drink that consuming a meal. I end up not feeling full at all and hungry again almost immediately.

Instead, for a 4-meal day, I prefer 125g Huel to between 400ml & 450ml water. It may not seem a big difference but it gives a consistency of something approaching a McDonalds thick shake. It takes a little longer to consume and you have to wait for the last bits to flow slowly out of the bottle but afterwards I feel closer to having consumed a solid meal and feel full for much longer.

I’ve started blending my Huel (a whole day’s worth in one go before I go to bed the night before) and that’s changed the consistency a little. It made it more liquid so I had to reduce the water a little.

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Thickness will definitely help with satiety. What I find also helps is spreading it out. I usually have a big Huel lunch but in two portions and consume it over the course of an hour or so, because you consume it like a drink I find it no where near as intrusive as eating a packed lunch, therefore can just have it at my desk for the hour or an hour and a half. That keeps me going longer!


Thicker Huel might take longer to consume. There’s a big difference in satiety depending on the time it takes to consume the food. This is why a soup is much more filling than a smoothie:

So if you want to feel satiated, sip your Huel, or even eat it with a spoon like soup! Or if you want to be able to consume more calories (bulking), try gulping it down.

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Watch your teeth, though. Huel is not high in sugar, but sipping it over the course of an hour and a half sounds like it can do a number on your teeth.

Do you know what, you are absolutely right! I’ve been finding this too! If I have the same number of scoops per day, but I have it mixed with less water, I definitely feel more satisfied

Drinking water afterwards should help.

Thanks, will try this.

I’ve been having 100g of Huel with 500ml of water and it does go down easy, but I do feel hungry.

Your advice is illogical, one of the main features, in your advert, claims it is convenient for life on the go.
Yet here you advise to spread it out ,over the course of an hour or so in order to satiate your hunger.
I work 12 hr shifts, and have 30 mins for lunch.
I have just consumed a 100g trial pack, and feel like I’ve had nothing at all, it has not made the slightest difference to my appetite. Surely if it was going to work then I should have noticed a small difference.

Hi Chris

It takes a little while to adjust to it - but I’m a 6ft 20 stone bloke (or I was at the start) - and I’m surviving happily on 3 shakes a day made with 100gms huel to 400ml water - + some flavourings sometimes - and I’m really never hungry.

If I get food cravings in the evening I munch on seaweed thins as they are only 24cal per box - but thats more for the taste than hunger.

Try mixing it with almond milk for a thicker shake and denser flavour - plus always leave it overnight in the fridge once you blend it to let it thicken up…

You probably wouldn’t feel the same if you’d just had 200g.

I appreciate your advice, but basically it means I have to wait till my stomach shrinks for it to fill me.
As for mixing it with nut milk, this makes it more expensive.
I have trained, and consumed many different meal replacements, and supplements over the yrs, none of them used to leave me still hungry.

Are you having a laugh ?
Huel is £45 for 28 100g meals, if I use 200g per meal that’s £90 per month.
Lets not forget all the other days, only February has 28 days.
I have a very physical job, and this stuff is advertised as convenient, filling, and nutricious meal replacement for active people.
Lucky enough I’m off today, so I have just had beans on toast as well, but if I was in work and relied on Huel for lunch, I would not only be very hungry, but unable to work.
Not having a go at you, and Huel has its place, I will still use it, but I’m disappointed and a bit annoyed by the claims.

As I stated earlier " Huel has its place, I will still use it ", I will be using it for its vitamin source, and I find it quite tasty.
It has just occurred to me that although it is not a valid meal replacement, it is an excellent meal supplement.

I never said you had to have 200g for every meal. I just meant if you tried having 200g you definitely wouldn’t be complaining about it not filling you up, that’s all. Try it as an experiment.

But you might actually find something between the two is more suitable.

Do you have a rough idea how many calories per day you normally consume? If you are an active male, there’s a high chance 2000 calories will not be enough anyway. That doesn’t mean you have to have 4000 calories, though. Maybe something in the region of 2500-3000.

Personally I can quit easily have about 15 scoops (approximately 2280 calories) and still eat an evening meal. I seem to need that much just to prevent myself becoming underweight. And I’m not even an exercise freak or anything, just regular stuff like a bit of walking and pressups, etc.

Gonna throw a suggestion for Xanthan Gum here.

I love thick Huel, and also want a bigger meal, so I mix 125g Huel with water up to the lid (750mls or so), then add a couple grams of Xanthan Gum and leave it in the fridge until lunch. Makes a larger and thicker shake. Really recommend trying it out.