Not feeling full


I’m currently on day three and I’m finding that it’s not really making me full? I’m currently doing one shake a day, filling the shaker to about 300 having 3 scoops and then filling to about 650 of water and the rest with milk. Am I making it too watery and that’s why I’m not feeling full? I’m not sure if I should stop adding milk and using less water? So that it’s a thicker consistency? Also I find I keep getting heart burn after drinking a shake is this normal and will it go away after a while?


Same in my case sometimes, heartburn and feeling unfilled


Are you monitoring your daily caloric intake? Chances are if you’re in a deficit you will feel hungry. If not then I am not sure. I find my hunger goes away for about 3 hours on a 400 calorie shake (100g).


3 scoops is only 400 kcal! if you are only having that with some milk you’re not getting anywhere near a safe amount of calories. Try having at least 3-4 shakes with 3 scoops a day to get 1200-1600 kcals if dieting, or 5 for women/6 for men to get 2000/2400 kcals. :slightly_smiling_face:


I didn’t realise this :joy: that day I had a salad and a shake which explains why I was hungry :joy: i won’t be doing that again