Not feeling full

I’m currently on day three and I’m finding that it’s not really making me full? I’m currently doing one shake a day, filling the shaker to about 300 having 3 scoops and then filling to about 650 of water and the rest with milk. Am I making it too watery and that’s why I’m not feeling full? I’m not sure if I should stop adding milk and using less water? So that it’s a thicker consistency? Also I find I keep getting heart burn after drinking a shake is this normal and will it go away after a while?

Same in my case sometimes, heartburn and feeling unfilled

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Are you monitoring your daily caloric intake? Chances are if you’re in a deficit you will feel hungry. If not then I am not sure. I find my hunger goes away for about 3 hours on a 400 calorie shake (100g).


3 scoops is only 400 kcal! if you are only having that with some milk you’re not getting anywhere near a safe amount of calories. Try having at least 3-4 shakes with 3 scoops a day to get 1200-1600 kcals if dieting, or 5 for women/6 for men to get 2000/2400 kcals. :slightly_smiling_face:


I didn’t realise this :joy: that day I had a salad and a shake which explains why I was hungry :joy: i won’t be doing that again


People say that feeling full is a function of the nutritional content of the food. Get your necessary calories, and a full spectrum of vitamins and minerals, and you should feel satisfied.

I don’t necessarily agree. I think volume is the key to feeling full. Literally fill more of your stomach. Perhaps you could increase the amount of water you’re mixing your Huel with? The one downside is that your Huel will be thinner, unless you add more powder or replace the water with a thicker, “heavier” liquid such as skimmed milk.

Though in the latter case, you make it so that you’re no longer consuming a vegan meal… It’s a conundrum!

EDIT: Wait a minute, I just re-read your OP. You seem to be suggesting that you only consume one shake with three scoops per day!? Do you supplement with other food, or is this your only source of calories? If you’re literally only consuming one shake per day, then of course you’re going to be feeling hungry! You need to up your calorie intake, either by consuming more Huel or supplementing with traditional solid food.


Volume is just part of the fullness sensation: that’s the neurological part. A more complex part is the endocrinological aspects which involves a number of hormones including leptin, ghrelin and insulin.

As well as these, there is also a conditioned influences, ie where we enjoy certain foods and textures and how this influences satiety.

The more you know. Thanks, Mr. Collier!

As an aside, I love how active the Huel staff are on these forums. This is the way you cultivate a loyal fanbase, and you really don’t tend to see it outside of niche cultural scenes. It shows that you guys really believe in the product, and the ethos of the company.


Thanks @dolerocket - yes, we feel it’s important to speak directly to customers. Plus I enjoy it!