Feeling Sooo FULL!

Hi all! So I’m a week into using Huel!

I enjoy the flavour, I have my consistency down and enjoy the lack of food worries…however I feel MEGA full on this shake. I use only 2 scoops with 400ml of water.

I have 1 for breakfast at 8am and by 1pm there’s no way I could have another! I did used to skip breakfast so tried continuing that with Huel and had at lunchtime - 1pm instead…then there’s no chance of dinner! Do any of you experience this too? I do have crohn’s and it has helped my cramps massively, just worried I’m only consuming 300ish calories a day and if I had 2 shakes might well Chunder!

Also love love love adding coffee!

Thanks Sabrina

Something isn’t right here, I don’t think any stomach should be sending “full” signals after 400ml of water with only two scoops of Huel.

Do you feel that full after 400ml of plain water? How about a pint?

My current breakfast for context is 5 scoops in 700ml water as well as a four egg omelette. That doesn’t even get me anywhere near full. I used to be a fat sod, so have the stomach expansion potential, but still.

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Yeah i pretty much feel the same, i eat 3 scoops in the morning and a normal healthy meal(or another 3 scoops) for dinner and during the day only some vegatables and fruits. Thats normaly way to less food but i am never hungry.

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Lucky…I wish 2 scoops and 400ml of water filled me up!


For a long time I did miss meals due to my crohns…maybe my stomach has shrunk more than I thought. I do drink it fast…could that have something to do with it?

Good to know it’s filling to others x

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It certainly sounds like a shrunk stomach to me. Maybe down a pint of water every couple of hours? Won’t do you any harm and will stretch it back out a bit.