Anyone else Left feeling over full?!

I currently have 3 scoops for breakfast and lunch. I’m cutting weight so sticking to 1,500 kl a day (5 ft 7, 12 stone. Athletic build). I feel as if my body / stomach doesn’t know it’s physically full even though it does as I never feel hungry. I eat actual food for dinner but as I never feel hungry the food feels like it’s stuck and that if I were to move too quickly I would be sick and have been quite a few times. I’m scared to drop to two scoops as I’m prone to fainting (blood sugar levels) so don’t want to drop too many calories. Has anyone else experienced this? Is it a digestive thing that will resolve soon or would anyone recommend going fully Huel meals?

Any suggestions or experience guidance I’d greatly appreciate.


take the 1st 2 fuel meals earlier to give your stomach more time to process the food before you have your evening meal?

I thought this but I currently eat the first at 8am (within 1 hour of waking) then the next at 1400 and then the evening meal is at around 20:30 -20:45 ish. I don’t snack in between either :see_no_evil:

Yeah I’ve experienced almost feeling sick after finishing 3 scoops of Huel but it goes away after a while. Are you drinking it too quickly?