How long can you expect to feel full?

Is there a way to feel full for a longer period of time?

Right now I have for breakfast:
250ml milk
100ml water
2 scoops berry Huel

This leaves me full for 3 hours. I’ve read some other posts in which people are saying they’re full for about 5 hours.

So how can I stretch this? Do I need to add more scoops, drink more slowly or make the shake thicker?

I think this is something that really varies from person to person. To start with, my first Huel filled me up for a whole day, but alas that didn’t continue! You probably need to experimentand find what works for you. Off the top of my head I seem to remember other users

•Use 3 scoops of Huel. 2 scoops isn’t an awful lot.
•Have breakfast a bit later to get you through to lunch.
•Add in a banana
•Add in ice
•Drink it slowly
• Drink it quickly.


My morning huel smoothie keeps me full for longer than my normal breakfast of müesli with milk. i used to eat lunch 4 hours after my breakfast now its more like 5-6 hour after my breakfast.
I have around 1.5 scoop huel
150 - 200 g of frozen spinach (I think this what keeps me full)
1 chunk of ginger root (maybe 25 g)
150-200 g skyr (if you dont know what that is its an Icelandic dairy product, like youghurt)
topped up with Water (i dont know how much, i just fill up my blender cup
Blended for a few seconds - approx 350-400 calories

I tried it with 2 scoops of huel but it kept me full too long

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Just add bacon and eggs, and that will do the trick…if a programme I saw last night is to be believed. Fried egg best. And if you eat oats, don’t eat milled ones as whole oats help too.

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I find the Huel kind of fullness being different from the fullness I get when eating solid food. It’s more like a feeling of ”un-hungriness” that slowly fades during a period of about four hours and leaves room for a feeling of being emptied out. It’s more subtle than the binary states of hunger/fullness I get from ”traditional” foods. I’m just starting to get used to it.


Yeah I agree. It’s a different feeling.

Just made a big batch with spinach for tomorrow like @Penthesilea suggested. Let’s see if that makes a different.

Also going to try to sip it during the day.

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With Huel I feel also different full than with other foods…I have for breakfast 2 scoops of Huel with 400 ml water. Have it at around 8 am. At around 12 I get a short but strong hunger feeling, that keeps for around 10 minutes (it is really weird, feels like having the munchies LOL)…but after that 10 minutes I am good again until my lunch break at 2 pm…with my lunch (3,5 scoops of Huel) it is similiar…get a terrible hunger feeling after around 4 hours which stays for a few minutes…fades after 10 minutes and dont have food until around 8 pm for dinner…in the beginning it was hard to not stuff my face when getting the craving…until I knew it is all good after a few minutes…just have to hang in there during the “hunger period” LOL


Try following your Huel with a hot drink. I pour in my tea / coffee to the shaker. Give it a good swill round then drink straight off. Bonus of getting all of the Huel!

Means you have warmer stomach contents -according to James this delays stomach emptying.

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That’s a really good tip! I’ll try it.

The spinach one is not for me hahaha. I made it with UU and I guess I have too much of a sweet tooth to enjoy it.

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Oh thats too bad, did you use vanilla Huel?
Ive tried adding berries, it does make it sweeter (I dont need it to be real sweet) but i disliked the color. Blueberry and spinach make a brown substance that dosent look like it should be eaten (in my opinion it tasted ok, but apparently I do eat with my eyes, I dont eat brown apples nor avocados either)

I made it with Unflavoured Huel and together with spinach and avocado it tasted like… well nothing really…

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I use the vanilla (or coffee) for my Morning spinach huel, maybe that could make a difference - maybe try a single scoop test :grimacing:

For breakfast I had two levelled off scoops of Huel, half a banana and half an avocado whizzed with water. Kept me full for 4-5 nhours. Lunch was same again minus the banana. Again, full for hours with no snacking. Of course I have had to factor in the calories in the extras but this the only I can avoid snacking and not get too hungry

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