Do you have a "sustainable lifestyle"?

Although motivations to have complete foods like Huel might be different, sustainability may be one of the most common reasons for choosing a company like Huel - which is not the cheapest option on the market.
Especially the clothing line is very expensive. And you can get much cheaper protein shakes, protein bars or meal replacements.

So are sustainability, fair-trade, organic and vegan products something you care about? Or is your motivation different, for example weight loss or convenience? Do you only buy fair-trade, or rather clothes that are as cheap as possible? Do you care about avoiding toxic dyes, brands or materials? Or do you invest significant sums of money to have sustainable, fair trade products like those from Huel? Do you prefer public transportation? How much energy to you consume?

I have to admit that I am not a typical user - environmental issues and sustainability are not my primary concern. DEspite of recent trends…what about you?

I’m not sustainable, ultimately. But I do try to minimise my impact.

Always ask do I need it? Can I live without it? Then just keep walking.


I’ll admit that price will almost always come before sustainability for me, especially in regards to clothes, cosmetics etc. I was raised in a lower income household and don’t see myself belonging in upper class any time soon. That means I am not above putting junk on my skin, in my stomach and in my house when the alternative is going without.

But where and when I can I do care about the environment and try my best to keep my consumption vegan. The price increases in my area have made making huel the cheaper alternative to eating out for lunch and I could probably go cheaper with meal prepping but I’m too tired to do that most days and I take comfort in the fact that huel being nutritionally complete makes me eat healthy for at least half of the weekday.

As for the living aspect, I feel judged by my partner if I don’t recycle so I do it even when I feel like recycling is not as effective (and would rather just not deal with it) and we should as a society focus more on the “reduce” and “reuse” parts of the motto. I still haven’t quite gotten my life together yet and don’t have a driver’s licence and thus use my bike or public transport for nearly all of my trips. I don’t see myself driving daily even if I knew how to drive a car though - I can read books on the bus and cycling is enjoyable and in my particular situation usually faster than driving through the morning rush.

So yeah, I do try my best to live sustainanbly, my diet is mostly vegan (still working on that - maybe when vegan cheese becomes cheaper than dairy cheese) but I’m constrained by my budget. I love the free shirt I got from my first order and after the latest trip to the local hm where the only nice shirts I liked were at least 25€ (trift shops usually don’t have very much in my size but I’m hoping huel might help with reducing that problem) I might add the 33 euro huel shirt to one of my orders sometime in the future.

TLDR I try my best but I’m on the poorer part of the spectrum, huel is still cheaper than eating out and more convenient than meal prepping. Cycling and public transport are more enjoyable and I’m overall pretty cheap/frugal. The prices differences between medium quality and better quality stuff are decreasing so I’m becoming more inclined to choose the environmentally better and/or healthier options.

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Quitting driving is fantastic, I recommend it. If you haven’t started yet, don’t bother. Owning and running a vehicle costs too much, in every sense.

Giving up central heating is good too. Giving up buying new things when old things are available. Giving up animal products. Giving up plastic, as far as possible. Giving up flying!

Sounds ascetic when it’s written down but It’s really kind of liberating to give things up.


I enjoy living luxuriously, probably use up more earth resources than a million people combined, and I don’t care.

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I’m fully biodegradable.


Like when you give up underwear?

Public transport is cheap? Not here in Germany.

@ hunzas: I recommend giving this up. Some studies have shown that coke consumption is associated with a lower IQ.

I’ve given up on giving up.

I came to Huel back in 2015 purely to get a cheap nutritious lunch whilst at work. That remains my primary motivator with complete foods: low cost nutrition.

Huel’s clothing is just merchandise, some of it’s quite good, but I look to Huel for clothing in the same way that I look to Weird Fish for food. I don’t.

Elsewhere; I make the best choices I can afford. I care as much as my wallet allows me to.

[quote=“Tristan, post:11, topic:25042”]
in the same way that I look to Weird Fish for food. I don’t. [/quote]

Thanks for not eating me man!


I wouldn’t worry I don’t think his IQ can get any lower.


I reckon the more you care the cheaper it gets. .

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Says the bloke whose gene pool only has a shallow end.


@ coup: Actually you’re right. So I guess a sensible post cannot be expected from hunz. Unfortunately there is no ignore function in this forum.

I am just a bit disappointed of rikefrejut; no more 100% U/U diet? I really thought you could do it.

Regarding the topic there seem to be some who think you have to be perfect to be a Huel user. My best friend recently told me that he now uses yfood instead, as he can’t live vegan only longer. And he never had a 100% complete foods diet. It seems that he can’t identify what he thinks is the “peer group”, the typical Huel user.
But who is typical, or perfect? Only very few I guess.

By definition, no-one at all.

plus have you considered that nonsense has value?

Go to a person’s profile (by tapping on their avatar, then tapping on it again in the popup window). There’s a bit that says “normal” and you can change that to “ignored”.

Not that I think you should ignore Hunzas. Look at his cute beak!

Another top tip: when you mention someone, don’t put a space between the @ and their username.

If I say @ Coup you’re a bum hole! he will never know that I said it. Whereas if I say @Coup how are you doing my dear chap? he will.


100% U/U diet lets me have more time for my luxurious lifestyle. Food is not a luxury, food is an annoying necessity of life.


I’m not typical, but I’m perfect.


“The trouble with the world is that the stupid are cocksure and the intelligent are full of doubt.”
(Bertrand Russel)