Does anyone live like a King and have all the Huels on tap?

Does anyone have multiple flavours of multiple huel products open, ready to dip into whenever the mood takes them?

I always have Huel Black on hand, plus my favourite H&s, and one tub of protein open. But I only ever have one flavour on the go at a time, due to space and financial constraints.

Does anyone live large and have four different flavour tubs of protein open at once, or a whole range of h&s open at a time? So they’re like, tonight I fancy mac n cheeze, but tomorrow I might have Thai Curry or Korma.

Currently I have open:
Mac and cheese
Chicken and mushroom

Black salted caramel
Black cinnamon swirl
Black cookies and cream
White original
White UU

Check out the baller over here!

I must admit, I do like not having to decide which one to have. I just scoop what’s there. But a little variety can be good.

When I started Huel there wasn’t much variety - original and unflavoured powder) (and maybe some flavour boosts. I have some flavour boosts open now as well. I eat Huel quite regularly so get through quite a lot. Just about to have some bolognese.

Me and my wife decided to eat Huel in the weekdays for lunch and dinner, first H&S and then a shake. To avoid getting tired of the flavours we have opened:

  • H&S Green Thai Curry
  • H&S Cajun Pasta
  • H&S Mac & Cheeze
  • H&S Chick’n & Mushrooms
  • H&S Korma
  • H&S Pasta Bolognese (to be open next Friday)
  • BE Strawberry and cream
  • BE Cookies and cream
  • 3.0 Cinnamon swirl
  • 3.0 Salted caramel

Having 8 or 9 meals a week each, we like to rotate the H&S flavours to eat them once every week and a half +/-. Instead for the shakes we have a fix order.

I think I would get tired only with one flavour… But if it works for you great!

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Currently I’ve got open:

Huel Powder:
Cinnamon Swirl

Hot and Savoury:
Mac n Cheeze
Spag Bol

I’m basically on 100% Huel at the moment except for 1-2 social meals per week so it’s nice to have the variety, and I like having a hot lunch to look forward to. I should get through all of them pretty quick.

Will probably get some Original powder and some flavour boosts in my next order for even more variety without opening loads more bags.

Currently have: black salted caramel, original 3.0, black strawberries and cream, tomato and herb, chick’n and mushroom, Mac n cheeze all open. I also have one vanilla and one berry RTD in the fridge which I always have in there in case I’m extra sleepy.

Part of the appeal is minimalism, so one bag at a time here. Lack of variety isn’t a problem, on the contrary I think… Tho’ finishing one bag and starting in on another is always a pleasure, switch flavours.

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I thought you meant a literal ‘tap’ and I was about to get the camera and head right on over to anyone’s house who said they had a Huel Tap!

Seriously though, we should definitely try and get this to work.

but Huel not Blue-Raspberry-ice-sugar


You need to be Head of R&D.

What about some pop-up stores, like the ice cream vans with Huel products? :joy:

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I have a running joke with my friend that I’m going to open a Huel restaurant one day. I love the idea of people selecting berry 3.0 from a menu and then being brought to their table in a fancy glass.

Everything is open. Four Huel Black, four Protein, three H&S. Lots of variety.

My offce desk right now… They just call me the Strange Guy ™.
I started putting codes on the bags on post its but they fell off. SCA=Salted CAramel. It makes it much easier to grab the correct one. :smiley:


When I worked in an office some people had photos of their wife/family/children on the desk. I much prefer your option.


I almost have none of these, so - more space for Huel :smiley:


Like the Herbalife nutrition clubs that have been popping up all over the place?

Why don’t you store them turned around? So you can read them immediately!

Otherwise a great desk set up!

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Because I love the front branding too much :slight_smile:

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