Does Huel go off once blended (and how long does it last)

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I am sure this is probably covered somewhere, but I am at work and do not have the time to browse the website at the moment, so any help would be greatly appreciated.

I blended up some Huel on Friday morning for work, but the team went out for lunch, I was going to have it for evening meal instead, however I forgot it and left it at work all weekend.

It’s now Monday. Is it still edible or will this have “gone off” by now? It has been in the fridge for the whole time.

I can see it has separated, but if I give it a good shake, can I still drink it?



Good question, I’d like to know for how long can Huel ‘sit’ in the water too :slight_smile:

If the Huel has been kept chilled, then it will be ok for 24 hours. The main problems are losses of some of the labile vits and mins (not really a problem) and oxidation of some of the polyunsaturated fats - this is not desirable. We can’t say how much (if any) will have oxideised over 24 hours, but we can’t guarentee it’s ok either.

Have you done any tests yet to determine how long huel stays fresh for ?

24 hours is the generic response

if its ok at 24 hours what happens at hour 25 ?

Its like drugs. Your paracetamol expires on 1st Jan. Of course you can take them on the 2nd, but the official advice is to discard them.

As James says, there is no way of knowing how much oxidation has occured. There are many variables, such as amount of huel, water and volume of air in the container. Other considerations include the temperature of the fridge and also the level at which an individual will be affected by ‘off’ huel.

24hrs for one batch might be ok but 25hrs in another batch may not. The only way to know would be a test of your specific batch so the blanket answer has to be one that is safe.

Right then. I made a few bottles of Huel at 7am Wednesday morning for a long road trip down south. Still had one left Thursday afternoon which had been in the car for around 36 hours

I opened it on the M25 at 60mph. The Huel had expanded in the heat of the car and as I pulled back the nozzle of my water bottle volcanic eruptions of Huel decided to flow all over my dashboard, steering wheel, lap & legs

I hate to waste good food so I quickly put my mouth over the nozzle to let the Huel lava flow find a route to my stomach. It tasted disgusting. I moved it away only to let the Huel continue to flow all over my feet & carpet

Anyone know a decent car valeting service in North Yorkshire ? :slight_smile:


I’ve mistakenly gone 36 hours with refrigerated Huel and although a little funky there were no ill effects.

I thought for some reason the 24hrs was an advice thing rather than must do. I had some that were in the fridge for 48hrs maybe slightly longer and yes it had all seperated out and looked pretty funky. I shook it up and all tasted fine. So much so I made an extra batch last night for 2 days worth.

If it oxidises as mentioned above is it a health risk or just foul tasting experience risk?

I found the following in another thread - I’m also reading that rancid flaxseed can cause issues but how long it would take to become rancid I wouldn’t know. 36 hours was a mistake I’ve not repeated, I make the night prior to use and give my shakers a good wash out as soon as possible after drinking.

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