Can a bottle of Huel be stored in the fridge for more than 24 hrs?

How long can huel survive in the fridge after being prepared?


I once forgot the Huel I made for lunch and it was sat in the fridge for about 30 hours. I emptied it down the sink though because the idea of drinking it after that long didn’t seem very appealing to me.

I think I’ve read that 24hours is really the most - any more than that the nutritional profile starts to change.

A classic example of why @TimOfficeHuel created the FAQ. Maybe this one should be added to the FAQ, because I just found 3 threads that already exist on this topic:

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Nice one, Marcus. Will have a read and summarize further in the FAQ.

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I let it go around 36 hours. Was a little “slimy” but edible. About 4 hours seems to be the minimum for Huel to get a really creamy consistency. It needs an hour before it’s not like swilling gravel. Been experimenting :slight_smile:

Don’t leave it for 6 hours in a car on a hot day…like I have just done. It was hot and didn’t taste too good. Maybe the almond milk caused the iffy taste…I still drank it though…but sure wouldn’t recommend it,

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