Huel V2.2 tangy taste after 24 hours, not present in V2.1

I just wanted to check and provide some feedback.

Recently I have discovered that between 2.1 and V2.2, Huel cannot be left for as long as I sometimes used to leave it. With V2.1 I would be in a situation where I have forgotten or chosen to not take the Huel out of the fridge to drink. Before, I could consume Huel (although not recommended - but it was fine), 2 days after it was initially mixed.

However, with V2.2 it takes VERY different even just a day after. It has a strange tangy taste. My colleague has also noticed this too (he left his for 24 hours by accident). Do we know if there was anything that was added to V2.2 that might have caused this and if the pros of it outweigh the cons. The con being that although Huel recommend a 24 hour shelf life, I have found it borderline undrinkable for the hours after this initial 24.

Any discussion and thoughts on this is appreciated, has anyone had a similar experience?

This is honestly up there with the most stupid threads I’ve ever seen on here.


A recommended shelf life is generally a “tastes like … after x hours”.

What reason could you possibly have for storing a shake that long? Just make it when you need it and refrigerate for 1-2 hours/overnight if preferred cold…

24 hours? That’s utterly ridiculous :joy::sob:

Not utterly ridiculous at all chap. Not all of us live such a planned out lifestyle as you it seems GTIPuG! ha haaa.

I always make it in the morning before work and take it with me to have at lunch. Then I get to work and my colleagues may suggest a pub lunch as the sun is out, first I think awesome, then I think oh crap the Huel is in the fridge. The fact is that in V2.1 I could leave it until the next day or even leave it from Friday morning all the way til Monday lunchtime and it was drinkable, now I have to throw it away after a day.

This was the case with V2.2 not V2.1.

First world problems but still, a problem nethertheless.

I should clarify also that Huel V2.1 did not taste like shit after x hours. V2.2 does.

But it’s an unreasonable expectation on your behalf. If Huel state 24 hours as the longest shelf life for a shake, why are you annoyed it tastes bad after this period?

I’d hardly call it a planned out lifestyle, I make a shake, I drink it. I don’t make shakes I don’t need and plan on drinking them later in the day then end up going to the pub. If anything, surely it’s you planning out your lifestyle by preparing these shakes for lunch? :joy:

But still, I’m also wondering how you’re on 2.2. As far as I know even 2.3 is getting on a bit now and we’re expecting 2.4 in the next couple of months? (purely speculation, not certain).

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Not really chap as it wasnt an issue in V2.1.

I am not annoyed it tastes bad. If it always tasted bad after 24 hours then there wouldnt be this small issue, but it didn’t used to. I am trying to figure out why it is now suddenly tasting REALLY different (bad) after 24 hours+. I am just providing feedback and posing the question as to what beneficial ingredient might have caused its shelf life to reduce? Tim and the team might be interested, it is a feedback topic afterall.

I looked at my orders and it said my last one was 2.2, not sure why I am on an old version! Maybe I should wait for a 2.3 version!

Yeah… 2.3 was out ages ago, maybe last year?

I suspect that has more to do with the current weather than anything else.

None of the Complete Food powders that I’ve tried “last” well unless refrigerated. Soon as they hit room temperature it’s time to drink them, in the current heat I’m definitely noticing I can’t keep full shakers bottles out sat around for as long as normal.

Of course the fridge temperature is the same, so weather is not a factor, the only thing that has changed is the version number. So something is in the new versions that is making it taste funkier a lot quicker.

They go from mix to fridge, 2 days pass, then from fridge to mouth…
V2.1 = was ok to drink
V2.2 = was not ok to drink
V2.3 = I will test when I get some!

My last order was 23-Apr-18 and I got V2.2. Weird.

I’ve tried all revisions. They all taste rank if left out in very hot weather for a couple hours…or for about 5 hours in warm weather… But fine for over 24hours when refrigerated.

Huel dies in hot cars.

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I would agree with Hunzas
I have had a little bit left in my shaker … which I couldn’t rinse or clean as I was too busy at work and then forgot
The next day I opened the shaker to give it a rinse and … I almost :face_vomiting: It was a rather inpleasant odour (so this had not been in the fridge … just my rucksack overnight ! ) it needed a damn good clean before the smell went away …

I tend to make as I need and consume immediately…

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