Does using milk jeopardise nutritional completeness? What about not replacing every meal?

Hey all, this is a question I’ve had for quite a while and one that I’ve been asked by friends a lot, but I could not find an answer on this forum.

I understand that Huel is nutrionally complete, which I take to mean that one could theoretically live off just that and still be healthy, but what about if (like almost everyone buying this) you don’t live off just that? What if you replace only one or two meals a day? What if you (like I do) tend to have some of your powder with (light soy) milk?

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Most people don’t just live off Huel. Majority only use it one or twice a day.

I use plant milk in my Huel, usually hemp, rice or even oat for more oat. Not soya though - not that I have anything against soya, but I generally only use it in tea and occasionally coffee.


100% huel is hopefully good enough for survival. It’s not good enough for health.

For health it’s much safer to eat varied diet of (natural) plant food.

If you want to be super safe, you should also eat some (natural) animal food.

@JamesCollier :point_up_2: please educate.

I’ve tired before, see if you have better luck… :pensive:


I do really well on just Huel :grin: it’s most definitely good enough for health

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Pun or Freudianish slip?

A Slip, But almost a pun considering being tired equaled the mistake…

Hi guys

Huel is nutritionally complete at 2,000 calories, so at this intake, you’ll have sufficient of all nutrients for optimal health. Milk does not ‘jepardise nutritional completeness’. If you do not consume a 100% Huel diet (like most people) then you’ll have to look after the rest of your nutrition yourself.


Interesting, for how long you’ve been doing just Huel?

Maybe I’ve stated my point of view using too strong words. Anyway, I think missing too many phytonutrients isn’t “healthy enough” for some of us. It really depends on our goals.

P.S: Have you visited a dentist recently? All ok there?

That doesn’t matter, you don’t need teeth for Huel consumption.


It almost seems like you are trying to pick a fight/argument with people all the time by the way you come across and I’m not entirely sure what you are trying to achieve. I know that no matter my response to your question you will likely disagree so I will leave it there.


ive tried it with cashew milk and its far too thick to drink

Try 50/50 with water and cashew

sounds like a plan. ill try that! thanks

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