With more Huel products available, is Huel as sole/primary source of nutrition more viable than ever?

I realise there are lots of prior conversations about “100% Huel” and have myself dabbled in Huel as my sole source of nutrition periodically.

I was reading about the various Huel: Formula Explained articles and the only one which explicitly states it can be used as your “sole source of nutrition” is Huel Powder (notably original, not Black).

In theory, more and more products would make a diet of primarily/solely Huel all the more feasible (e.g. powder for breakfast, H&S for lunch, Black after a workout, another powder for dinner, couple of bars, etc) but, in practice, is “classic” Huel Powder the only way to appropriately get the nutrition you need on a primarily Huel-based diet? Or do you think that more products will mean greater uptake in heavy Huel-based diets?

No. All the products are nutritionally complete, so while things like the bars aren’t designed for your sole food intake, they can be used in conjunction with the Huel powder.

Considering the poor diet choices of many people, the wider range of products will help people to get better nutrition. Most of those people don’t or won’t use Huel 100%.

With appropriate nutrition you can have a nutrient dense diet, dare I say it, without Huel. So no Huel is not the only way. As long as you’re having a variety of sources of foods such as fruit, veg, nuts, fortified foods and so on, then you can gather and hit your RI / RDA.

Huel is just a simple, easy and efficient way of obtaining the appropriate amount of the 26 vitamins and minerals to hit your targets + other nutrients that you may find more difficult to get.
For example MCTs, vitamins D2 + D3, Omega 3 and 6, BCAAs :hugs:

Hi @anthjh - great topic!

We don’t actively suggest people have 100% of their nutrition from Huel but there are a number of people who do have Huel completely. I’m comfortable with people having 100% Huel Powder, Black Edition and Hot & Savoury. Huel Bar and RTD can be part of a 100% Huel diet, but I would discourage people from only having RTD or Bar for all their nutrition and nothing else; both are complete nutrition and have everything you need, but I don’t feel the macros are optimal for the majority of us. For example, someone could have an RTD for breakfast, a Bar mid-am, Huel Powder or H&S for lunch and for the evening meal and they would have a great nutritional intake.

Like @hunzas points out, most people have a poor diet choice, so as our product range increases further (:wink:), more people can find ways of incorporating different Huel products into their diet to improve their nutritional intake.

Or do you think that more products will mean greater uptake in heavy Huel-based diets?

Interesting question. Maybe it will; more products will certainly open up the opportunity for predominantly Huel diets to more people.


The average Western diet is reprehensible and going 100% Huel would be a significant step up for >95% of people. It’s very challenging for the poor and middle-class to hit anywhere near such a well-balanced, quality vegan diet without spending an inordinate amount of time and money, both of which they don’t have. Huel makes a healthy diet accessible for the average person which I think is downright revolutionary.

I’m personally on a 100% Huel diet right now and honestly, I’ve never felt better in my life. Based on my personal experience I would say yes, going 100% is absolutely more viable than ever, now that we have multiple textures and flavors to keep the diet interesting. Food tech has come a long way from 2014.

I think it’s hard for any meal replacement company to advocate a 100% diet because of the potential of legal liability. Huel doesn’t want to leave themselves open to lawsuits if something goes wrong and they blame Huel for it. A consequence of our overly litigious society. So you’ll never see Huel pushing for that themselves, but I think 100% Huel diets will become increasingly common, especially since food prices are skyrocketing and your average grocery shop becomes increasingly prohibitive.