Emergency defecation situation

Ok soooo,

I know this has all been discussed before but decided to start and new thread.

Never in my life have I had something travel through so unabsorbed/unchanged without actually having a “bug”. Have tried easing in, one portion, two portions, one week, two weeks etc nothing seems to prevent this from happening.

I find myself questioning exactly what is it in Huel that causes this to happen with quite allot of people? Others have suggested it’s the sucrolose that’s the main culprit but I’ve had this in whey protein and experienced no problems what so ever…

I’ve never had ground flax/linseed or pea protein so googled various key words in regards to loose motions to see if anyone else has had problems with these isolated ingredients. Non of which throw up anything significant so it’s probably not those… Oats, fats and vitamins I’m absolutely fine with. I am also akin to getting 38g fibre from other sources usually so it’s not the fact that Huel provides the equivalent of that.

I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s possibly the amount of water I’m mixing with the Huel Powder. I’m yet to test this theory but I can only assume that the drink, when made with 3 scoops Huel and 600ml water gets dumped into the intestines quickly. If the body is already sufficiently hydrated enough the water isn’t absorbed hence it flowing out the other end. On the flip side, if you’re dehydrated, it’s likely you will have a hard stool because the body absorbs water from it.

Not sure if this is going to help anyone but it’s just a thought… will try mixing with significantly less water, perhaps even eat it like porridge and check back in with the results.

I usually do 3 scoops & 500ml water, then the NutriBullet takes over for me.

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I do 125g Huel with probably 700ml water (? I fill the shaker up entirely) haven’t had any issues.

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Cant say if it will help your situation if you mix your Huel with less water, but your main therory isnt on point - if you are hydrated any excess water in your food would in normal sotuations leave your body again as either sweat or pee :see_no_evil:

My point being is that it’s taking too much moisture with it… cutting down the liquid would obviously stop that from happening and give it chance to absorb

I know some people react this way when they first start Huel, but I am not one of them. I am more likely to go the opposite way if I don’t take in enough fluids.

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That’s the reasoning behind my theory… I’ve used psyllium husk in the past for constipation but without ingesting adequate water at the same time it won’t produce a laxative effect. In my case, Huel is acting like psyllium husk so by reducing water intake at the same time it should pass through a bit slower

Other than being quite gassy, I havent had any other toilet issues. I’ve always tended to drink a lot during the day. Maybe your right and the extra water intake with huel is the reason? An extra litre+ daily might cause that…

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@Adam1111 how much fluids do you normally take in a day? Do you find you have to go to the loo for a wee or two during the night? My intake, including what I mix with Huel is around 2 litres. Some people drink a lot more.

Absolutely, 600ml 3-4 times a day with food that isn’t “solid” to start with probably isn’t that great idea for some people

I don’t get the recommended 8 glasses a day although I have previously used a 2ltr water bottle, was a struggle to finish it and never had constipation while doing that (which would make sense) but I still never drank 600ml in one go…

Sometimes have to go in the night, certainly did while drinking 2ltrs

Sick joke…but googled it and that really happens.lol

Crazy man lol

UPDATE: Had a few days of just using 400ml water with 3 scoops instead of 600ml in each drink - no issues at all, no more EDS… too much water was the problem!

I urge anyone who has had diarrhoea issues to reduce the water to see if it works for them as it has for me.

great! sounds like you found the right consistency:-)

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Good you have found a solution. The ingredient likely causing the issue would be the MCT(Medium Chain Triglycerides). These fats cause what’s known as disaster pants if you don’t start off slowly. It is the fat found in coconut oil and I experienced this when I drank bulletproof coffee (coffee with coconut oil and butter). You get used to it after a few weeks and build up better tolerance once your body knows how to process the fats.

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I’ve had coconut oil previously with no adverse effects… It could by all means be a contributing factor for some people but by reducing the water I take with Huel it has made my symptoms completely disappear so for me it was definitely the excess water :grinning: