Laxative effects of Huel

I have been having U/U GF Huel for about a week. So far, every time I’ve had it, I’ve had a substantial bowel movement within a couple of hours. For context, I have chronic constipation which is related to nerve problems and therefore not at all responsive to fibre. Only two things work for me - lots of hot water (sometimes), and lots of caffeinated coffee. Bisacodyl and Senna worked for a bit but then stopped, and I am yet to try Prucalopride which I have a trial prescription for. (I also take osmotic laxatives, but I’m just talking about stimulant laxatives here.)

The sensation beforehand is slightly uncomfortable, and likewise during, but I’m just amazed that something in Huel is a powerful enough laxative to work for me, since not many things do. I have a sneaking suspicion it’s ground flaxseed, because I’ve had Innocent smoothies before with ground flaxseed that have sometimes had a similar effect, but was wondering if anyone else had any similar experiences or thoughts on what could be causing it.

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I had the same at the onset. It will subside gradually after your body adjusts to it.

This is super interesting, as we generally attributed this effect to the high fibre in Huel. As Robby says, it settles (once our bodies get used to the fibre, but clearly this isn’t the case for you).

I couldn’t tell from the tone of your message, but are you finding Huel to be benefiting you here? Or is this negative and something you’re hoping to pass?

I agree, I couldn’t tell if the OP was pleased about the reaction or concerned. Given the condition described, I would have thought it was a good reaction. It shows what the lockdown is doing to me when I am taking an interest in other people’s bowel habits on a Friday evening. No one takes any interest in mine.

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@Tim_Huel I really appreciate your taking my observation seriously.

I’m happy to have found something else that is an effective laxative, because the fear with chronic constipation is running out of things that work. But because it is effective, I’ll have to be careful about when I have Huel, so I can’t really use it as a simple meal replacement any more. (I mean that both as in not leaving the house for a few hours after I have it, and not having it too often, or on the same day as any other laxatives)

Could be the magnesium; you probably was not getting enough beforehand.

Magnesium salts like mag cit are osmotic laxatives and don’t have a stimulant effect (at least for me). They keep things ticking over by maintaining moisture in the bowel. Same as sodium salts like docusate sodium (dioctyl). I don’t think magnesium is the cause.