Energy Gel?

I think we have a few runners on here. I tend to use a Bar after a long run (Half Marathon) but wondered, would Huel be interested in tackling the Gel market? I currently use SIS or HIGH5 but totally would add to my Huel orders if they ever did bring out Gels.

Sounds interesting, I’m a big fan of gels when on long runs. The idea of Huel products is that they are nutritionally complete, i.e. all 26 vitamins and minerals at 2000kcal. So that would be an interesting concept to bring to a <100kcal gel - 5% of your RDAs. What else do you look for in gels? I often like to have caffeine ones.

Same here Tim but not always. Depends on what I want out of them.

Sometimes Gel’s are great to grab when I don’t have breakfast and get an early run in and may even use for a 10k run.

I always take two with me on anything over 15km and when I do tough mudder.

Do you guys have any brands youd recommend?

I used to use SIS but HIGH5 seem to give me the same energy for cheaper and they taste pretty good too. £12 for 20 on Amazon. SIS at £10-£15 for 15.

I really like Clif Bloks energy chews when on longer runs. Less messy than gels and I prefer chewing. I’ve found they give me a good boost and are actually pretty tasty too.

Not heard or tried them but I like the idea because You are correct the gels can get messy and sticky

I swear by them but I understand different things work for different people. On a long run I would usually go for 45 minutes - 1 hour then 2/3 chews every 30-45 minutes after that. You get 6 in a pack so easy to divide up however works for you.

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Just bought some to try, will let you know how I get on.

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I do like the bloks, I’m not great at chewing and running though! Had to really practice for my last race. But a variety is nice!

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I’m trialing various gels by OTE Sports. I used High5 drink mix in my 90s marathons with some success but drinks preferably need someone to pass them over to you. I remember how horribly sweet the High 5 tasted at around 11 miles but hardly tasted sweet at all at 20 miles.

What I can recommend is the OTE vegan recovery drink mix which has worked extremely well for me.

I’ve never really gotten on well with gels. The masses of sugar in most of the ones I’ve tried does give a boost but it’s short lived and plays havoc with my stomach if I have too many. Hammer Nutrition do a great line though, I’d definitely have those again.

Course if you have a refillable squeezy flask you can also mix up a super thick portion of Huel with some additional BCAA powder and a bit of caffeine and roll your own :wink:

Thanks for the recommendations, I’ll test them out :slight_smile:

Have had a few runs now using the Clif Bloks instead of the Gels. They are so much easier to carry around and pop in without having to worry where to dump the sticky packaging. They taste pretty good too! my only issue with them is that it’s odd and a little challenging to chew while running, not sure why but it feels strange. The other is that they are so chewy they sick to your teeth, sometimes I have only chewed a little than just swallowed because of this!

I think it will be down to personal choice however, the fact you don’t get sticky hands and have to worry about packaging makes the blocks a winner for me and will probably now use these instead.


Now onto electrolyte replacements :smiley:

and Huel retail stores selling all these 100+ product categories :slight_smile: