Essences, aromas and essential oils?

Hi guys!

I’m experimenting with adding ultralight flavors to the U/U. I quite like some of the aromas I’ve picked up from various online store (still waiting for the vegan bacon aroma to arrive! w00t!) but they’re a little bit too “weak”. (My current dosage is 3%, i.e. 21 grams (just like the soul, eh?) to 125 g Huel and 600 g water) For 10 days of backpacking with 4 meals/day, this means 840 g - almost a liter of flavoring, which is both too expensive and too heavy for me. (especially since I’m doing three legs, ~25 days in total, stocked up for 30 days)

Now the Huel flavor boost certainly is more attractive than the aromas I’ve found so far. I use 7 grams flavor boost per serving, and it actually contains calories that I can use! However, it’s too sweet for my liking so I end up adding ~4 grams of citric acid and some salt to make it palatable and I’m still not loving it.

From my adventures in raw food candy-land, I realized I have some essential oils, namely one Japanese peppermint and one anise. These bottles are absolutely crazy. 1-2 drops (<0.03 g) is all that I need for an intense mint flavor. Can anybody recommend any other essential oils that would blend well (even better?) with the oaty flavor of the U/U? And are there any concerns with eating small amounts of essential oils for an extended period of time?

What else could I add to my pack that takes up minimal space and weight, while still packing a punch to the palate?

Thank you!

Not quite oils. But cloves powdered? Ginger? Cinnamon?

True. Can you give any advise on proportions @Windmillie?

Um I like to use a lot so perhaps a quarter tsp of ginger and/or cinnamon less of cloves… per scoop of huel. So that might be heavy also?

It prolly is, especially given that all of those flavours are available as essential oils, giving me the benefits of
a) Less weight to carry
b) None of that “dusty” mouthfeel I frequently encounter when using a lot of powdered spices.

Heading off to some really geeky aroma-makers this Thursday for advice and purchases, I’ll definitely make sure to see if I can pick up some ginger, cinnamon and clove-oil.

If you like the taste, raspberry and a bit of citric acid can also be really nice.
I wish there was essential oil of cheese…

I do! I’ll go find some freeze-dried raspberries and/or powdered ditto and experiment. =)

I wish that too, I did pick up some different cheese aromas from Flavour Art, the Gorgonzola one smells pretty good, the Cheddar one smells just like vegan cheese, which just doesn’t work for me… :frowning: Well, as soon as I get home to my next shipment of Huel the experimentation begins!

Good luck!

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