Every rose has its thorns LIBIDO

Hi, I’am using Huel from few months. About 80% of my diet is HUEL.
4-5 shakes per day. 4 scoops per shake. Everythink is super awsome, I have much more energy, even my memory has improved, I wasn’t dumb before :smiley: but now I feel brighter. And using HUEL is sooo convenient for me. Unfortunately my sex drive is completely DEAD, becouse of flax seeds and phytoestrogens (I guess).

So do you have any advices how to deal with that? If not I will have to give up HUEL :cry:

I think it’s the wrist action…you must shake it more.

Since using Huel my sex life has never been better…my missus doesn’t know which way to turn…luckily I’m not fussed.


How many calories are you eating and what’s your TDEE? Caloric deficit makes me flop, surplus sends me into heat.

100% Huel at 3000 calories a day sent me into a frenzy, no ill effects.

TDEE 2650 ccal per day. BMI 26 Overweight but I have some muscles. My idea was to reduce HUEL becouse of hormones or eat more HUEL becouse of caloric deficyt. In last 2 months I lost 9 kg.

That’s really bizarre - since being on Huel (fast approaching 3 years) I had (and still have) a huge increase in libido.

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Sounds like you could benefit from a Viagra Flavour Boost :joy:

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@hunzas take notes, comedy gold. @ELKAZ there’s a couple of threads on here about flax seeds and how they’re actually completely safe, it’s possible to use the search function to find these old discussions and read more. Here is one example. @Stole_My_Sweetroll is our resident expert


Hi guys, unfortunately I have to quit useing huel. I done some blood test and my testosterone is very low. I will change my diet to beef with beef :smiley: and do another test on July. And let u know what change :wink:

Sure it’s Huel? Are you in a caloric deficit?

I think it is huel. If u know any other meals replacement without flax seeds or soya let me know :wink:

I’m sceptical, in three of four years I’ve never experienced this eating around 2000 cals of Huel per day.

Sounds more related to something else.

Do you drink much? Are you fat? Are you in caloric deficit?

I don’t drink alko, I am not fat and I have enough calories. I stop drinking huel 3 weeks ago and my sex drive is almost back to normal

Weird, well that’s fair enough then. You do you fella, if Huel screws with the old boy then I guess that’s that!

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