Expiry Dates on bags rubbed off

One of my bags i cant see the date on the bag so i dont know when it expires, it might even be expired

My other bags were fine but i realised you can just rub the dates off with your thumbs

This is not good and needs to be sorted out

You cant send bags with no expiry cause it rubbed off somehow during manufacturing

I just tried to rub the date off and couldn’t manage it. Are you using an abrasive?

Gotta say by the state of my last delivery seems like Huel is sending powder out as fast as it can make it… doubt there’s any chance of stock backlog.


Hey Damien! Sorry to hear that the best-before date on one of your bags has been rubbed off. This can be the result of a manufacturing error, or physical handling.

If you drop our support team an email at team@huel.com with your batch number, I am sure that we’ll be able to give you an indication of the best-before date, as long as we still stock this batch in our UK warehouse.

To give you some reassurance, the best-before date is more about the quality of nutrients, as opposed to food safety. Furthermore, we always try our best to fulfill products within at least 3 months of their best-before date and never send anything that is within 30 days of the best-before date.

Hope this helps!

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