Huel supply and labeling problem?

So i just got my next subscription order in the mail and the first thing i noticed was the expiration date of 06/2019. This concerns me as I started getting huel in June and my first bag of huel expired in 07/2019. So now 4 months later and the bag expires even earlier than my first supply. I also checked another individual at work who gets huel and the bags he got more than a month ago expire later than mine.

Issue number 2: You print the lot number and expiration dates in non permanent method??? and put it right where my hand swipes which rubs the printed date off if I am not careful.

You’re worried because you’re eating food that doesn’t expire for 8 months after you ate food that didn’t expire for 9 months?


Issue 1: are you serious? It’s in date, therefore there’s no issue?

Issue 2: are you serious? Surely you have managed to read the expiration date as you list it above? So no issue?

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You really need to tag someone from the office if you want a reply from them on this.

For everyone asking am I serious… yes i am serious. If you ever worked in grocery retail or in a division where products expire I was bringing this to attention so maybe they could modify how their supply is being stored for delivery. You obviously want to rotate stock to prevent older supply from going bad.

The simple answer could be they found out their product is not shelf stable for as long as they originally thought.

And if there were issues with packing or processing of a certain batch its probably important that the lot number be visible.

#@*! me for asking a question though. Thanks y’all.

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Sorry to do this to you again, but tagging @Tim_Huel


@Armorous saying he was concerned about the dates on his Huel was probably a bad choice of words. I believe he is asking what events have unfolded for two orders, (assuming they are the same product) placed four months apart having resulted with the expiry date on the second order being one month before the expiry date on the first order as this would not follow the practice of selling the oldest stock first.

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If they are both the same product that is a good point. If they are different product it may shed some light.

Could you let me know your order number and order location? Although both pouches are in date and of no concern for you I appreciate you pointing out one of our fulfilment facilities perhaps isn’t operating with the most logical stock control methods.

I did make a mistake and post this to the UK forum, I apologize for that. I am in the US so i assume it is a different supply. I will post this over on their forum for awareness.

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Careful reading of the op should have given away the USA location. Starting the post with the word “So” should have made it obvious!


It’s really no problem :slight_smile: let me know your order number (DM me if you like) and I can look into it! Alternatively posting on would help too!


He didn’t mention scoops so it passed me by.


Got me thinking when you said this.
Never mind bruv where all family here ( as Dominic Toretto would say :smiley: )
I just checked my last pouch of present order it’s 8/2019.
New batch is 9/2019.
To be honest I don’t usually look at it but maybe I should as I do when out shopping.
It wouldn’t really bother me if the new batch was 7/2019 as it’s plenty of time but it’s still worthy to question it.
The big friendly Huel international family :smiley:

I wonder how many Huelers are in the world, we could have an international get together day/weekend lol
Alcoholic Huel anyone :cup_with_straw::cup_with_straw::tropical_drink::tropical_drink:


The thing to remember is this is a forum, made up of individuals. It’s not an official Huel managed customer service page. If you post here, you’re inviting a response from the general public. Yes, people should be polite and repectful, but they can say whatever they think inside of that. Freedom of speech is still (barely) alive in this country, I believe. Probably not for an awful lot longer though, so maybe we should start making the most of it.

I’m there :slight_smile:

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