Explosion in the warehouse?

This is the second time I’ve had a delivery of Black Edition which has powder on the outside as well as on the inside of the bags.
Bit concerned that one of the bags might be split, but looks ok, so assuming there must’ve been a Huel powder explosion in the warehouse. Hope the staff are wearing masks. :mask:

Two deliveries running, & 8 weeks apart, so not a one-off.

Anyone else getting this?

Always happy to get free Huel, but it’s boring and messy to have to wash and dry all ten bags before putting them away.

I often get small powdery bits in the box but nothing like that and nothing overly concerning. That does look messy.

Yeah can’t put in the cupboard like that, the ants and mice’d think it’s Xmas. Can’t only be me, surely? Not twice in a row & two months apart.

Should’ve taken pics the first time but I just thought the folks must be flat-out in the warehouse and…accidents happen, so not worth making a fuss, but if I was a new customer I’d be v unimpressed.

Maybe a vacuum cleaner would help. If I had one. :smiling_face:

It happened to me only once and after close inspection one of the bags was cracked. I would advise you to look closely, and if yo find anything contact customer support .

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I’ve had light dustings before but never anything like that.

You need head and shoulders pal

I got a shipment this week that looked like this, and one of the bags was ripped on the side, just where it meets the top.

As a new-ish customer, I can confirm. But I reached out to customer support and they did a good enough job that I felt very impressed in the end :slight_smile:

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You’re right Zirco, one of the bags is faulty - the seal at the top above the reseal strip is open at one corner (and the reseal strip wasn’t sealed). It must’ve been puffing out Srawberries and Cream all the way from Tring.

Thanks for the prompt. Was worth another attempt at cleaning all the bags too as my first effort had left them sticky. The cupboard smells nice tho’.

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you should send the pics of the damaged bag to the CS team either on mail or WhatsApp so they can raise a support ticket and look into it with the delivery fulfilment company.

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Yes, I’ve sent a message. Hate to complain but might be helpful - looks like the bag was misaligned on the sealing machine. I imagine.

Anyway, good to know it’s just down to a single bag and not atmospheric conditions in the factory. :rofl:

Thank you for reaching out! I’m sorry this has happened to you twice in such a short period of time. We do log all packaging issues to see if we have issues with particular batches and look for ways to prevent this in the future. So no need to worry about complaining because we would always rather know and try to help :black_heart:


Huel customer care, excellent as always. :1st_place_medal:

Slight delay in getting back to me, sounds like they’re busy! - but all put to rights very helpfully.

I’m happy to think that the first powdery delivery was likely just general background dusting that must be difficult to avoid from time to time, and looks much worse on black packaging; but the unsealed bag is being investigated. Just waiting to hear if they want the bag returned.

It’s one of the top reasons for customer loyalty I reckon: a confidence that when things go wrong they’ll always be put right. :sparkles: