Any idea of what this black thing could be?

Wtf? It seems like carbon. Is it something from Huel or is something else, I am quite worried. ! @Dan_Huel

I mixed UU with NewVainilla


Hmmm that’s strange. Can you see it in the rest of your bag of Huel powder?

It may be because something hasn’t been cleaned properly or wearing down of a part on your blender. It’s hard to tell from just a picture. Can you give anymore detail?

I just checked the bag and havent found anything but it quite difficult.

Which kind of detail would you want? The Huel bags have been opened for just a week and I just used the blender which has 4 months old and I do every sunday an intense cleaning. After each use I rinse it a few times and I use dish soap to clean everthing properly.

Could that be an ingredient or is something else?

Id be surprised if it was in the powder before blending. I wouldn’t expect it to be on the top and only in that small area.

Have you checked the screw on bit for your blender to see if there’s any damage.

Also can you see any though out the liquid?

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Okay, I appreciate that.

If you are able to collect some and send it to the office with the batch number of the bag we can have a look into this.

It could be tricky though as there might not be enough to meet the minimum sample size. If it gives you any comfort we haven’t had any reports on black bits in Huel pouches.

Good point. Maybe @airiartev could blend up some water and see what happens. And then do it again with some ballbearings added.

Maybe it was in the actual water?

Give it a few years, some kid if is gonna kill themself with a blender thanks to you :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Hope they film it for YouTube.

I use bottled water only for Huel, it doesnt seem very possible.

Also I use this blender only for Huel. I have other for cooking or any kind of mix. The blades or screws are okay, in fact they are shinning clean.

I just finished my Huel in a glass and while rinsing it appeared again… It was on the wall of the glass. It seems like plastic, black plastic from the outside of the bags. But that seems very difficult. Its very weird…IMG_20190816_162828


Batch: NewVainilla 11408 03:31pm
UU 1114307:40 am

Thanks Adrián. Are you okay to send the whole pouch back including the black bits in a sealed plastic bag?

Address is:

Daniel Clarke
Huel Unit 6,
Icknield Way Industrial Estate,
Icknield Way,
HP23 4RN

We will cover postage costs of course, just drop me a message with a photo of your proof of postage. If you could also send me your most recent order number I will get a new bag out to you. If you want a different flavour just let me know.


Like @hunzas said, I would clean your blender and just blend water just to test if its the huel or the blender before making more huel.

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Should I send both bags Vainilla and U/U?

I put the bits inside a huel scoop, i dont have any other way to send. I am going to plastify it.

My last order #51426-EU

If you’re unsure which pouch it came from then you will have to send both.

Thanks, two pouches are on their way to you.

I would still blend some water just to rule out the blender.


Put us out of our misery please and blend some water in your blender and let us know


Are you sure you aren’t overfilling your blender? Most have a max fill line a bit below the top. Overfilling can cause damage to the blender which could potentially lead to parts of the plastic in the mechanism breaking off. Just looking at the pictures I’m not sure the liquid should be coming right up to the bottom edge of where the blender cup screws on. Depends on the blender I guess but if it’s a Nutribullet then that is definitely overfilled.

Just a thought.


Any update on this in the end?

Adrián has confirmed that the powder will be posted back to us sometime this week. Once we have any updates I will let you know.

Just an update for everyone and @airiartev. Following an investigation the foreign body is not plastic. On preparing the samples and sifting through the contents of each pouch no other foreign bodies were observed.

Nothing of this consistency and colour is present within the production areas.

Based on the results of the investigation it’s concluded that the foreign body did not originate from the production facility or Huel Powder. The case is now closed.