HUEL delivered with a dusting of powder inside the box

Hi folks,
Not sure what to make of this.

I just took delivery of my 2 x packs of powder - 1x vanilla and 1x Berry.

I got a sniff of Berry when I opened the box. On closer inspection of the box, I noticed a very fine dusting of powder - smelled like Berry!

I also checked out the Berry powder packet, but no sign of any damage.

Any idea why there would be a powder dusting in the box?

Are you sure you and your family can survive to that dust crisis?

I really doubt it. Stay strong

Now serious: I had to make zoom to the image to notice the dust. Nothing abnormal.


Sometimes there can be tiny splits and holes due to pressure in transit. Feel free to drop us an email at if you notice anything strange with the pouch!


I’ve looked at the pouch very closely, and don’t see any holes. The beery powder dust must have been in the air when packed. I guess someone may end up with a burst pouch.

Some dust being inside the box is not uncommon, I have had it at least once but none of my bags were broken.

if you’re still not sure wipe the bag down and put it on a clean dark surface and give it a few pats/presses - see if anything blows out - kind of like a bicycle tyre repair but without the water :slight_smile: as @KarlBerg said - it’s not uncommon for their to be some dust in the box.


Phil, I tried what you recommended, and noticed a puff of powder come from a small crease on the bag.

This seems to be due to damage in transit. We check all our parcels thoroughly before we hand them to the couriers so we can assure you that the damage is recent and the Huel is safe to consume.

But if you feel uncomfortable consuming it please drop us an email at :blush:

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Thanks for the response. I am happy to consume the contents. I’ve just inspected the box that the pouches came in, and see no signs of damage to the cardboard. So, the puncture must have happened in the factory/packaging facility.

As an aside, I always push the air out of the pouches when resealing them. I done this with the Berry powder pouch, and noticed that air had got in - possibly though the puncture.

Would air affect the powder in any way?

only its long term shelf life but as you’ve only gotten two bags - that isn’t going to be an issue. As you know where the rupture is now - you could just seal it with some tape or keep the bag in a large Tupperware or similar if you have one, Many Hueligans also decant their bags into these kind of containers too for ease of use.


I recently started Huel and was also a bit surprised to see loose powder in the box. The box was in pretty terrible shape by the time it got to me so I was worried there was a tear on one of the bags, but I couldn’t find anything suspicious. It was a bit disconcerting, but nothing I’m going to lose sleep over. I do wish FedEx had been a bit gentler with my package, though!

I might pop the bags into an airtight box like @Phil_C suggested just to be on the safe side, but it sounds like it’s not a really big issue.

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Take a closer look at the pouches for any small punctures. In my case, I noticed a few small creases, one of which went all the way through, causing a puncture.

I can only imagine that the small creases/ puncture happened at the packaging stage. As my delivery box was perfect.

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Image showing the creases, with the one that’s punctured, in the middle.

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I just received the first box of my latest delivery and it’s the second delivery in a row where one of the bags was damaged. The first one was a minor nick like the ones described above but this was a fairly large clean cut and on the back panel - not on a seam. It’s definitely not damage in transit as the damaged bag was sandwiched between two others and the shipping box itself was completely intact – not even opened by customs even though they held onto it for 4 days.

It kind of looks like a box cutter knife cut and I noticed a few other users on Instagram posting pictures of their bags with similar cuts.

I’ve cleaned the bags up and taped the cut closed so not a big issue but perhaps someone needs to have a word with K&N about packing? Weirdly they’d also packed the flimsiest items (bar boxes) under the heavier bags – so they had been crushed into varying degrees of destruction.

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Thanks for mentioning Phil. Did you grab any photos? I’ll pass on this note to the team.

thanks @Tim_Huel - sent you them in a DM

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I have had this happen to me before as well.

It’s only fair to comment when things are done well too.

I had 7 boxes of bars delivered today in a perfectly sized black box with a flip lid. There was no additional packaging inside but it didn’t need any and all the boxes inside arrived in mint condition :+1:

I guess it’s much harder to ship pouches and bars in the same box as they are totally different sizes, shapes and weights. Just thinking out loud, but maybe if a cardboard shelf / divider was cut and placed over the pouches and then the bars go on top? Just a thought.