Fancy becoming a Huel Ambassador?

Hey guys! Some of you may have seen a little bit on our social channels about becoming a brand ambassador!

What that means is you sign up here then you can check out a bunch of missions, and if you complete them you build up discounts off Huel. When you want to you can stack those discounts and use them on your next Huel purchases!

The missions will be updated regularly, but there’s a few in there already! We love our community, we love you guys and hope some of you sign up and have some fun!

And if you have ideas for missions then shout 'em out! :point_down: (don’t shout tho, kay?)


im interested

im assuming theres ‘no pressure’ on the if, when or how u do the missions…

intrigued to what exactly the missions are…

no, it’s not like homework, I won’t be chasing you! If you complete any, then you get discounts off your Huel. I guess the only time pressure would be if we swapped any of the missions out for new ones.


dunno if im the type of person suitable tho…

signed up! looks like a good/fun way to expand the social media recognition for you guys :slight_smile:

i believe i have signed up

something keeps buggering up on the brandbassador app tho


edit: didnt work

@Tim_Huel the generate sales part - is that a generic part of the Brandbassador interface or are you creating specific links for that for people to put in their bios? I guess its the same as the current referral program but not clear how it would work in this context?

Talk to me where you saw this? It’s not about generating sales, I don’t believe there’s any reference to that, if there is can you screenshot and we can take a look :blush: For us, it’s all about the community and having fun and creating content, then getting you guys some discount too!

I figured that by the nature of the challenges - but it might confuse some people as it looks like thats the only way to progress through the tiers on the app platform.

I will try it!

Its curious, I was thinking today to suggest you an Open ears like OnePlus does every year, selecting some huelingans and organising in X city an event to involve the community and suggest ideas, projects and know the consumer perspective.


The more sales we make:

Cheers, Phil and Colin, yes all that is hard coded I believe in the Brandbassador platform. But we’ll investigate changing it. It’s not an affiliate scheme we’ve set up, we aren’t tracking how many sales you make! If you want to refer people to Huel, that’s what the Refer a Friend scheme is!


Going to fail this last mission, no way am I going to get a Facebook account!


What were missions 1 and 2? I’m not going to do any of this but I’m curious.

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Twitter & Instagram I think?

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Nope, I was wrong:

It seems like a good concept, but all of the “do this and then upload a screenshot” stuff has put me off - particularly since I know for fact that it’s relatively trivial to detect things like following on instagram/twitter etc.

Also, all of the discounts show as dollars even though it knows I’m in the UK.

I can see cooler cats than me (and the yoof) being well into this though, so smart move.

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Wouldn’t automatically detecting likes/follows require you to give Brandbassador access to your social media accounts? Uploading a screenshot seems a lot safer than allowing a company direct access to personal data across multiple accounts (especially as one of them is LinkedIn, so you’re connecting your work life to your private life). That’d be a dangerous amount of information to hand over.

Screenshots still give them the ability to deduce a lot about users, but it doesn’t give them a back door into your interactions.

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If you run through online sign-up, connecting social accounts is step two so that you’re more attractive to advertiser’s.

Not for me I’m afraid. Sorry.