Thanks for the tip…I’m starting out this week on 2x100g and a full meal in the evening.
Aiming to net max 1800 cals a day until I start working out again.
For me it kinda has to be one thing at a time otherwise I won’t last long lol
Next week I will be cutting back on the booze and eating cleaner evening meals.
Once I can start exercising again regularly then I will up my calorie intake to around 2000 - 2300 but right now with everything that’s going on I doubt that will happen till march.
Might even try a few days a week on 100% huel now and then.

Our plans sound very similar, I aim for around 1800-2000 calories per day, and also cutting down on beer. Last weekend wasn’t too bad cutting down, this weekend will be tough as I’m out with friends Sunday afternoon /evening, going to try and replace a lot of the beers with Vodka Diet Coke.

Yes I have been following your thread, seems we have similar vices lol
This week I will be going all out for dinner lol and Sunday is my son’s naming ceremony so it will be a feast and drink up of epic proportions!
A cold pint after a weights session is actually pretty beneficial, I remember reading something in mens health about it.
RE: the vokda :slight_smile: I normally have mine with soda and lime when I’m trying to be good…only trouble is once you pop its pretty hard to stop!!

Huel update - its been 3 hours and I have no desire to eat…I’ve sipped on about 500ml water and had to have a sugar free gum for my shake breath lol!!

Yes I get quite tangy breath after a shake too!

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Ok, so I got hungry around 13:30…but I didn’t get to physically get off my desk till 14:00.
This one was super cold as someone has set the fridge at work to be a freezer! Although it was refreshing at first I can now feel my throat starting to go funny.
Have adjusted the fridge back down so tomorrow should be ok!
I drank this one slow over an hour and sipped on water at the same time, its hard to describe but I’m not sure if i’m still hungry or if i’m full up.
One thing for sure and I don’t know why but I have got heartburn and some reflux happening…especially when I burp and its making me uncomfortable to the point where I would like to eat an antacid. :slight_frown:

Glad my dinner will be solid!

I know, I know I post way too much!!
found this in the forum regarding heartburn.

So basically it could be because I am Obese, drank coffee, got myself a hiatal hernia whilst getting pregnant and Primary diseases of the esophagus (oohh errr I wonder how) :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

Or it could be the Huel…but I hope not!

I sometimes get a sticky feeling after drinking Huel quickly followed by a glass of water, I just put it down to a large amount of liquid in a short space of time

I got a headache after the heartburn and acid subsided…lol I guess a headache was expected considering I’ve been wolfing huge lunches lately.
Then I got stuck in traffic for an hour and half (usually takes half hour to get home)
Gave my son a shower and some how my headache went away, maybe it was partly stress?
Having my solid dinner now, a dry sticky tapioca potato onion curry with yoghurt, nice and spicy :grin::grin::grin::man_with_turban:t5:
The wife wasn’t too keen to weight out all the ingredients for me lol (home alone with screaming baby)
Anyway let’s hope tomorrow goes better :+1:

Had a few weatabix on the go in my fridge so I blitzed one into 250g of huel and topped up with water.
Had one shake already and was much nicer than yesterday!
Need to go buy fruit today so I can try that experiment tonight.

Have a look at sugar in those Weetabix drinks!

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My view on this is add frozen fruit, ok its still sugar but it is natural sugar and if it means you are more likely to stick with the new regime a very small compromise.

Enjoying your enthusiasm, keep it going! :slight_smile:

@TheJackal - I know they are high in sugar but I had them to use up and to be honest it tasted pretty damn good!
@DC666 - I went shopping yesterday and picked up frozen summer fruits mixed berries and also picked up a bunch of banannas.

Havent had any shakes today, was feeling a bit rough from Tuesday and gradually got worse. Last night I was in fever mode, today still feel ill, but no fever and had no choice but to work as I had a lunch meeting to host.
Tonight will be mixing 1000 cals of Huel with one banana and some berries, not exceeding 1300 cals.

Tuesday (day 1) I had 1000 cals Huel and I was pretty marving by dinner…but it was the first day of lowering my intake.
Wed (day 2) I added the weatabix shake that took me up to 1250 cals and I had a few graps and two slices of melon which kept me satisfied before dinner.
So hopefully 1300 cals before dinner will be the right balance!

Without any effort really I have dropped 1.2kg since Tuesday and I have averaged just over 1800 cals a day so far.
I won’t take it for granted as I not going to be eating totally sensibly until Monday, but if my starting weight Monday is less or the same as Monday gone 113kg then that will be a bonus.

Update -
Been sick since last week :slight_frown: Throat infection
Got worse by the weekend so haven’t been Hueling up at all.
Back to work today just about…hopefully it will clear up in a few days and then back to Hueling!

I’m back Hueligans!
Feeling more or less better. Didn’t have the energy to make my shakes last night so did it this morning instead.

Didn’t add ice seeing as my fruit was all frozen but I forgot how powerful my blender is! First sip was grim lol

Anyways my recipe above made me around 1600ml of shake, I filled 1200ml between two bottles and drank the rest once I made it.

Have to say the fruit has changed the flavour of it plus I’m getting a nice sugar rush :grin:

I’m on my second bottle now and sipping slowly.

Weighed in this morning at 112.8kg so still down 0.2kg from the past few weeks.

Dinner tonight is kidney bean and sweet corn curry with brown rice…can’t wait

Im enjoying reading this thread. I feel like I’m following you on your journey haha. Keep it up mate, you’ve got this in the bag!

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Thanks @TokyoGatez hope my thread brings some comic relief or supplements the cheese everyone is missing from their lives lol

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I was a good boy last night : )
I got home washed my bottles and made up my shakes for today, and weighed out Huel to mix up tonight.

But then dinner did not go according to plan…
See when you have a baby a lot of Aunties tend to pop in during the day to visit the wife and pinch the babies cheeks…they also all bring food and lots of it!!!

So instead of the kidney bean and sweet corn curry my wife made, we ended up having a feast of three different veggie curries with masala chappatis…it was heavenly. When reaching for my third chapati I realised that I unless I stop myself I could just keep eating so I put an end to the feast.

Luckily the scales this morning were rather forgiving I lost 0.8kg since yesterday, although this initial loss is expected when cleaning up food intake.

we have a family wedding in Wales in April so I’m hoping I can be trimmed down enough to fit in a one of my decent suits!

Its been a busy day.

No Huel today so far, had a project meeting (with a full spread!!!) in the morning.
Had a sales rep pop in at lunch who I had to smoooooze
and Dinner is already cooked!!! :frowning:

Tomorrow is another day!
also I weighed in this morning at 112kg so exactly the same as yesterday.

Was up at 4am looking after my little one whilst my wife slipped into a coma lol
Eat sleep poop repeat and he was finally down.

Didn’t make up my shake last night so got to it this morning. Found some chia seeds knocking about in the cupboard so figured I would add a table spoon of it.
Also had some MCT oil which I use to take with my coffee and it did really perk me up so decided to add 10ml of it also. (Be careful with this stuff, too much too soon and you will have a poop explosion)
I also used ice today as I wanted to sip some before I leave for work.

Have to say the texture is totally different, super smooth! I think he chia seeds may have helped really grind.
Also I put the huel in dry first and then added the water and added my fruit last, this time there were very few clumps of unblended huel.
I suppose the mct has helped lubricate it, it’s not as sticky and it poured out nicely.

Also something I did the other day when I made up the night before was to leave about 50ml space at the top of my bottles. I then added water and shook before drinking.

It seems my indulging this week has been excessive I weighed in at 113kg again this morning so back to starting weight of the week.

Having dinner tonight my in laws…I have to behave and control myself especially cos she is an amazing cook!

No plans for weekend other then work and changing nappies so hopefully I will be good.

This is what I put in today

its only 13:30 and I finished all my Huel for the day usually last until 3pm…
Water it is I guess…