FB experation date?

Is there an experation date on the flavour boost? Some of mine are quite old and now I’m wondering if I can safely keep on using them.

The old packages use to be quite large so it takes me a long time to finish.

They don’t seem to go out of date really. They are ‘best before’ not ‘use by’ so you can still use them safely. Personally I’ve not noticed any deterioration in taste - even with fbs over a year old.

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I still use the mince pie flavour booster that was bought/made in 2017. No ill effects yet…that I know of at least :laughing:


Same here. All in sealed bags or containers.

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So yours do have dates printed on them? I think @DvdVgt is asking because hers don’t. Did the old packs not have them?

Oh. Yes. All mine have dates - old, new and sample sachets (I’m pretty sure! I’ll get up and check when I’m feeling less lazy)

My new FBs have BBE dates on them and I’m sure the old ones did too though I decanted them into clip lid containers for ease of use.

My best before dates lasted for about a year. However it’s a best before date so I’m particularly worried about using ‘expired’ products.

I don’t keep my flavour boosts in the original package. I put them in glass container so I don’t know the expiration date.

But I think some of them are about 1.5 years old.

And I just realized I put “experation” everywhere in this post instead of expiration… lol

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Same here. :slightly_smiling_face:

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