Flavour Boost - can I still use if out of date?

I’ve returned to Huel recently because of the new Huel Black product - and I’m doing well on it. I was clearing out a cupboard in the kitchen to store all the bags in, and found about 6 Flavour Boost sachets from 2017. Most are open but closed with the zip seal - and one still unopened. Apart from potential flavour degradation - is there any potential danger in me using these up?

(Asking this whilst drinking a Huel Black flavoured with an open Pineapple and Coconut combo lol and hoping the answer isn’t DON’T DO IT lol)

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Yeah I use mine and they are well out of date lol


And they’ve never done @ChristinaT any harm :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


It must be all that cacao protecting @ChristinaT’s systems!


Haha yeah it’s the ancient cacao flavour boosts. They took them away so I got enough to last me the next 3 years :rofl:


Yes I do as well

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:rofl: after this and what everyone has replied with I suppose the official response of “probably not” isn’t going to cut it!


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